Building blog traffic for newbies

Duncan Riley> was checking out a Bloggers forum which someone is currently bank rolling through Google Adsense at the moment and got sucked into joining and posting the odd thought. One thing that struck me was the lack of knowledge about promoting blogs, so this is what I posted (with a few edits). Let me know what you think.

Blog Promotion for Newbies
1: Don’t use blogrolling: it may be easier to use but the javascript stuffs up search engines when they are looking for links and makes the links useless, use WordPress’s managed links feature or similar product, or even hard code it, I did for the 18 months I used MT before changing to WordPress

2. Pinging to weblogs et al is good but trackbacking to sites is better, when of course your post is in relation to that sites topic. Also legitimate commenting directly on other sites helps expose your site to others. But remember, it must be legitimate comment and not spam!

3. Offer to exchange links on your site under your links section, it lets people know that your interested in linking and will build up your site quickly in Technorati and Google.

4. Link to other small sites without exchange, either through side bar or post: linking to big sites is great in showing what your reading but does nothing to build up your readership because they nearly always never return the favour, indeed a number of them will steal your stories or ideas without any attribution at all. Smaller sites on the other hand are often stoked that you’ve linked to them and will return the favour without asking, even if they don’t, you’ve still done a good deed.

5 submit your blog to ALL the search engines, it might take some time but the spiders will start coming if….

6. The most important feature of all: post regularly and post often. It not only brings readers back regularly but it means the spiders from the search engines will return more frequently indexing your entire site, and you’ll start getting hits from the search engines. Some may argue that these aren’t that valuable but I would argue that’s rubbish. It exposes your site to a new audience for free, and even if only a few return you’ve still built up your readership for free. Take the Blog Herald for example, we get 5,000 views per month just from clickthrus in from Google and another 2,500 from other search engines (Google is the only real game in town though). Even if only 1% return to the site later, that’s 75 new regular readers per month or nearly 1000 per year, and what I also find is that this traffic also responds well to advertising on the site if they’ve stumbled in for the wrong reason.

Marqui Bloggers start Monday

The much talked about Marqui money for comment program starts Monday with 15 yet to be named bloggers begin inserting mentions of Marqui’s hosted communications management services into their blogs for $800 USD per month + sign up bonuses. Marqui is said to be spending $180,000 USD on editorial comment in the coming months and is primarily targeting blogs to spread their message. Only definite signing to date is Marc Canter, who is also an advisory board member of the company, and has clearly posted on his site that he is being paid to blog for the company, although there is no obligation for others to disclose their relationship.

Looks like a case for the Blog Ethics Committee…..

Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards are back

christmas blogging awards logo
Another year has passed and it’s just shy of a month till Christmas and following a post on ATtheHEARTofIT about the first Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards I’ve amazingly been touched by Christmas spirit once again and the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards are back for a second run in a counter to the “me-tooism” of other blogging awards.

The awards aim to spread cheer in the Blogosphere by encouraging blogs to join in the spirit of Christmas

If you’d like to sponsor the awards with a free gift or money to the winners please let me know. Nominations open now and close 23 December 2004 with the winner announced Christmas Eve.

Nominations can be lodged via the comments on each category. Whilst an real email address is not required, there will be a delay in listing your nomination as manual moderation is required. Including your real email address assures quick nomination.

Best Christmas decoration of a Blog

Any blog or blogger who has decorated their blog for christmas either entirely or in an subtle way.
Prize: 1 free gmail invite + $10 USD via Paypal

nomination via comments.

Best posting about Christmas on a Blog

Given for the best posting about Christmas or christmas activities on a blog. It can be religous or non-religous, but should celebrate the spirit of christmas.
Prize: 1 free gmail invite + $10 USD via Paypal

nominate via comments

Best new blog embracing Christmas

Open to any blog launched in 2004 which is spreading the message of christmas.
Prize: 1 free gmail invite + $10 USD via Paypal

Nominate through comments.