PubSub now tracking over 6.5 million blogs

PubSub Concepts today announced that its “matching engine” at is now tracking over 6.5 million blogs, arguably making it the most comprehensive blog monitoring service with some 2 million more blogs tracked than Technorati

PubSub’s “prospective search” matches user requests against new documents as they’re published, in real time, with alerts via RSS or through the IM based PubSub Sidebar, now available as a plug-in for the Firefox and Internet Explorer Web browsers.

PubSub also covers additional content streams including 50,000 USENET newsgroups, all SEC/EDGAR filings, press releases from major wire services and FAA airport delay alerts.

Interestingly of the 6.5 million blogs tracked by PubSub’s matching engine, over 3.5 million are active meaning that new information has recently been posted by the Weblog’€™s author.

Bob Wyman, CTO of PubSub Concepts, Inc:”We believe that PubSub is currently tracking more active blogs than any other service…We also have an extremely active user base that relies on PubSub subscriptions to stay informed. On average, we process over two million entries each day across all our services – over 80,000 entries per hour. We expect the number of blogs to continue growing at an explosive rate and we’ve built a massively scalable system in anticipation of that growth.”

Google sees benefits in corporate blogging

Infoworld> Google, which implemented an internal Web log system behind its firewall about 18 months ago, has seen tremendous benefits from it and may in the future consider providing tools and expertise for this purpose to interested clients, a Google executive said. Google deployed an internal blog for its employees shortly after acquiring the blogging service Blogger in early 2003, and since then Google staffers have found many useful and creative ways for the internal blog, said Jason Goldman, Blogger product manager at Google. read more>

Overture to test RSS ads

Overture is examining the viability of expanding its advertising network, which specialises in sponsored search results, into the RSS advertising, according to a source familiar with the company. is also stating that Google could expand its network into RSS advertising, which is bizarre given their backing of Atom. A Google representative said the company is not testing such a service at this time, but it is “always evaluating new opportunities to enhance our ad program.”


Croat Diplomat in Washington Recalled over Blog

Croatia has recalled an official from its Washington embassy after he posted blog entries portraying diplomatic life as boring and saying he saw no difference between the candidates in the U.S. election.

Vibor Kalogjera, a 25-year-old third secretary at the Croatian embassy in Washington, was recalled on suspicion of having violated state laws on foreign affairs and civil servants.

The blog has since been taken offline.

(sources: dcist/ reuters)

Scholar addresses blogs in education

More on blogs in schools
The Daily Barometer>”….For many students, Gurak said, blogging can be a useful method of improving writing. As blogs are a public medium with an intended audience, “It might encourage students to think more about what they are doing,” she said, adding that they might be more apt to incorporate accountability and structure into their writing. Furthermore, Gurak pointed out, blogs encourage a very voluntary, participatory sort of atmosphere, where many students seem to enjoy interacting outside the classroom…”
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Blogger goes multilingual

Google owned Blogger has expanded to include 9 additional languages in what the company is referring to as it’s first phase of the service’s internationalisation. Sign-in and account pages are now available in Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese with the interface to follow. What is stange though is the choice of ignoring the fastest growing non-English sector, the Arabic market.

Serendipity 0.7 released

Version 0.7 of the up-and-coming PHP blogging tool Serendipity has been released.

The development of Serendipity is based upon offering a flexible, expandible and easy-to-use framework, with a sophisticated Plugin architecture, affecting both the appearance of a blog and its core features. It ships with a variety of plugins (31 bundled with the distribution) ready for plug in and play use.

The latest 0.7 release vastly improves the featurebase of Serendipity.

New features include threaded comments, posting to multiple categories, nested categories, categories can have icons associated to them, Image manager can now handle other file formats and subdirectories, a redesigned admin interface for editing entries, MySQLi and SQLite support and all core images can now be altered via the templating mechanism