RSS Abuse and the slime at Skweezer

Jason McCabe Calacanis has outed a site by the name of Skweezer that takes RSS feeds under the pretence of optimising site viewing for mobiles and PDA’s, then adds its own advertising to feed, basically stealing your advertising revenue whilst denying you the ability to track visitors and the like. Be sure to check Jason’s post for all the details and to make sure they are not doing it to you! Bloggers can be removed from the site by emailing the CEO at [email protected] and cc [email protected].

Blogging the Asian Tsunami Disaster

Bloggers are rallying for support and providing coverage of the devestation across Asia and the Sub-continent
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog is providing news and coverage from the Region
The Command Post is providing coverage on how to donate to those in need in the Region
Brand New Malaysian is co-ordinating donations for Malaysian victims

Blogs providing local coverage include, and Sumankumar’s yak pad. Soieasy is providing pictures from the scene

Extra: Bene Diction is linking Canadians up with agencies, blogs and radio stations providing help

The winners of the 2004 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Its a pleasure to announce the winners of the 2004 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards. A few more entries this year and some great contenders. With thanks to Trudy W. Schuett (who if she wasn’t judging should have been considered for an entry in the decoration category) and John Mudd for their judging skills. The winners will be receiving their prizes on Boxing Day via Paypal and email.

1. Best Overall Christmas Blog
Confessions of a Teenage Pr1nc3sz

2. Best Christmas Decoration of a Blog

This one was extremely tight, but the winner again was
Confessions of a Teenage Pr1nc3sz

3. Best posting about Christmas on a Blog
The Press Blog

4. Best new blog (2004) embracing Christmas
this one was an interesting choice
Christmas is full of crap

Congrats to the winners and a merry christmas to all. I’m off to visit relatives, swim in their pool and relax in the spa whilst eating fresh prawns (shrimp) as the temperature hits 36 degrees (about 94 F). To the many bloggers I have made the aquintance of over the years, I’ll be thinking of you all as I suffer in the heat, as you bask in the glory of a cold, winter christmas :-)
The Blog Herald will return Boxing Day, or sometime thereafter. Best wishes
Duncan Riley.

Merry Christmas, your fired for blogging

Another day and another sacking (well suspension with an inevitable ending), this time from a doyen of high ethics, a trained journalist, Daniel P. Finney, a former writer with USA Today, the Des Moines Register and the Omaha World-Herald, and until last week, an employee of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who specialized in youth and culture, reviewing books, comics and DVD releases, as well as the occasional feature profile.

The suspension follows an outing of his blog, Crazy Roland Thompson (since removed) by newspaper Riverfront Times in their“Local Blog ‘o the week” column.

Despite hiding behind a pseudonym, he made little attempt to hide many aspects of his life on the blog, including lengthy passages about his job as a features writer.

According to the Riverfront Times, the posts took “frequent, thinly veiled potshots against his employer and co-workers”

The paper reports that he also wrote about stories he was working on for the paper;
“Today was an absolute abomination. It began unwillingly at 7:30 a.m. when I was forced from my sweet, gentle slumber to go to work on a hideously lame story involving Santa Claus and the Hard Rock Cafe.”

Google goes Christmas Dancing (and radios for the lucky few)

Reports are emerging from around the Blogosphere and beyond that Google has put on its dance shoes and is partaking in a Christmas Google dance of search engine placings.

google radio
Lauren Baker at Search Engine Journal is suggesting that the sending of Google Light Radios (pictured) to selected Google Adsense publishers is a sign: “I believe that Google may be trying to tell us something: Time to get on your dancing shoes! Yes, I’m smelling it in the air’€¦ It may be time for a new Google Dance!”

For those new to the Blogosphere, or who haven’t heard the term before, a Google Dance is a major index update of the Google search engine, which inevitably results in an loud outcry from those deposed from their Google positions.

Jeremy Wright is reporting a “Drastic Drop in Traffic” and SEO Chat is buzzing with people who have noticed the change.

blog herald stats
So far The Blog Hearalds through traffic for the month of December (to the 23rd) has shown a doubling in the through traffic. More interesting though is the massive amount of the traffic we are now receiving from the new MSN Search Engine (Beta) which is running at nearly 50% higher than Google for the month.