Bacon’s to enter blog monitoring arena: apparently only journalists run credible blogs

Bacon’s Information, an International communications firm, has announced it will introduce blog content written by “credible” blogs in its MediaSource’s Premium Research module and track “credible” blog coverage in the Monitoring module to help clients determine the possible impact on business decisions and company reputations.

“The news cycle for a story sometimes originates from a blog and can on occasion find its way into the mainstream media,” says Ruth McFarland, Senior Vice President and Publisher for Bacon’s in a moment of profound and original wisdom.

In an attempt to reach out to the Blogosphere, McFarland defined bloggers credible only if they are really journalists moonlighting as bloggers.
“With today’s information overload from often irrelevant or dubious sources, our aim is to help our clients by filtering the communications clutter. Bacon’s will therefore focus on blogs run by reputable, credible professionals. Initially, these will be blogs of active journalists”. said McFarland.

McFarland did not discuss whether non-journalists could possibly write a credible blog, or whether ex-journalists would be considered as non-dubious or relevant.

Bacon’s will inaugurate its coverage of blogs run by journalists in January 2005.

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