Google goes Christmas Dancing (and radios for the lucky few)

Filed as News on December 23, 2004 2:56 pm

by Duncan

Reports are emerging from around the Blogosphere and beyond that Google has put on its dance shoes and is partaking in a Christmas Google dance of search engine placings.

google radio
Lauren Baker at Search Engine Journal is suggesting that the sending of Google Light Radios (pictured) to selected Google Adsense publishers is a sign: “I believe that Google may be trying to tell us something: Time to get on your dancing shoes! Yes, I’m smelling it in the air’€¦ It may be time for a new Google Dance!”

For those new to the Blogosphere, or who haven’t heard the term before, a Google Dance is a major index update of the Google search engine, which inevitably results in an loud outcry from those deposed from their Google positions.

Jeremy Wright is reporting a “Drastic Drop in Traffic” and SEO Chat is buzzing with people who have noticed the change.

blog herald stats
So far The Blog Hearalds through traffic for the month of December (to the 23rd) has shown a doubling in the through traffic. More interesting though is the massive amount of the traffic we are now receiving from the new MSN Search Engine (Beta) which is running at nearly 50% higher than Google for the month.

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  1. By Trudy W. Schuett posted on December 24, 2004 at 11:57 am
    Want an avatar? Get a gravatar! • You can link to this comment

    Yep, something’s going on — I had pagerank (finally!) on one of the newer blogs, but now it’s gone.