Lycos announced their most popular Blog topics of 2004

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by Duncan

Lycos has announced a list of the most popular blog topics of 2004, based Tripod and Angelfire member blogs on Lycos.

The Top Five Blog Topics, Based on Tripod and Angelfire Member Blogs, of 2004 are:
1) Entertainment
2) Personal Journals
3) Education
4) Health/Fitness/Parenting/Babies/Pregnancy
5) Politics

The two most popular blogs on Lycos in 2004, based on traffic to the blog, include the following:
·, non-fiction site written by Hollywood insider, Rance, who provides all the latest behind the scenes gossip from the world of TV, film and music.
·, a fiction site, and soon to be published book by St. Martin’s press, detailing the story of Gus Openshaw’€™s revenge against the whale that killed his wife and child, and left Gus with one arm.

“While many Tripod and Angelfire members use their blogs to publicize the events in their own lives, as well as the lives of celebrities, a number of educators have turned to blogging as a method to share class notes, assignments, and to even accept answers from students,” said Jamie Riehle, group product manager of web publishing for Lycos. “Several instructors use blogs to facilitate on-line student discussions, capitalizing on the interactive nature of the blog.”

“Similarly, many mothers, or mothers-to-be, are using blogs as a way to share information, tips and photos of their children with others,” Riehle added. “The integration of the Tripod and Angelfire photo albums into the blog tool has made it easy to share baby photos with friends and family around the corner, or around the world.”

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