BlogAds owner finds problems with VOIP

Henry Copeland, founder and owner of perennial blog advertising favourite BlogAds, is having problems with his out of town VOIP number, according to Wired.

If the story is to be believed, people believed he lived in Boston because he had a Boston Area Code, and could have even had problems ordering Domino’s Pizza.

Minneapolis Mayor to launch Blog

In a sure sign blogs are further spreading of blogs amongst the lower levels of the US political process, Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak unveiled his campaign blog as part of his re-election campaign for Mayor.

Pioneer Press reports that the move is surprising and the use of blogs as an electoral tool is rare among politicians.

“My hope with this campaign is that, using tools like the Internet and grass-roots organizations, we can build an organization that will not only help me get re-elected but continue to build a base for a new Democratic party,” Rybak said when launching the blog.

The blog is hosted on Google’s Blogger.

Gawker to launch 2 new blogs

Nick Dentons Gawker Media isset to launch two new blogs, Gridskipper, dedicated to travel, and Lifehacker, which will examine software downloads and time-saving Web sites. Media Post reports that both blogs already have corporate marketers on board: Sony Electronics will sponsor Lifehacker, while Cheaptickets will likely sponsor Gridskipper.

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Blog tool outsourcing questioned

Henning Koch at Software will save us questions the outsourcing of feeds to Feedburner, and uses his own experience with for comparison. A decent question that goes for any blog resource that is outsourced (ie not hosted yourself): there is never any guarantee that the service will always be there, and promoting, or even worse, investing content and money into these services comes with an inherent risk. Whilst the likelihood of bigger sites going under is unlikely, it’s still not impossible, and an important question to be asked when establishing and running a blog.

And yes, this site is 100% self hosted and run: it’s a control thing. I never have to seriously concern myself with the ownership or reliability of the domain nor TOS with content (I have a very open host), only that I have reliable hosting.

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TCS to Serve as Portal for State of the Union Blog Activity

TechCentralStation is pitching itself as a gateway to bloggers who will be analyzing and commenting on the up coming US State of the Union speech in real time. TCS is aiming to be a “one stop shop” of links to live-bloggers posting their personal views, knowledge and perspectives on their Web sites as the speech unfolds.

“TCS believes that live-blogging is a beneficial and necessary trend,” said Nick Schulz, editor of TCS. “For the first time, viewers will have access to political analysis while the speech is happening, and these bloggers will be linking to other bloggers, enabling the public to gain a far wider range and scope of feedback and analysis than they would find with traditional media.”

“Politically interested Americans watching the president’s State of the Union speech are usually subjected to the post-speech spin and analysis on the networks and cable news channels, as well as the major newspaper coverage the following day. But, the Internet now empowers Americans to take an active part in this process through live-blogging,” continued Schulz.

“Our goal is to provide our audience with a ‘one stop shop’ of links to live-bloggers offering helpful and interesting commentary, not to mention that this is an excellent opportunity to encourage those unfamiliar with blogs to come visit the site to see what they’re all about,” Shulz added.

Blog battle gets nasty in Minneapolis

Joe Strupp at Editor and Publisher writes on the latest in the battle between Powerline and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, including a bank pulling its advertising, and bizarre statements from blog hater Nick Coleman, that includes the following quotes:
“Editors and writers in mainstream media are very naive,” he says. “Readership and power of the blogs is increasing.” He also claims that the blogs are dangerous because they are not under the same ethical restrictions as mainstream media and seek to stay on the attack, facts be damned. He contends “the mainstream media is under assault.”

Photobloggers Find Permanence in Pages of Full-Color Photography Magazine

San Francisco couple Derek and Heather Powazek Champ have launched JPG Magazine, targeting photobloggers who also want to offer their work in print.

The magazineis being published using Lulu, an on-demand publishing tool that offers full-color, print on demand paperbacks.

Photographers can submit photos to the JPG Magazine web site for consideration. The Powazeks, then lay out the magazine and upload the files to Lulu, and set the price for each issue.

“For us, Lulu was the perfect solution. They handle all the boring business parts (printing, shipping, billing), which frees up to concentrate on the fun part – making a magazine we love,” explains Derek Powazek. “The other thing we like about Lulu is that they share our interest in online communities, which is what the Internet is really about. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the magazine and the feedback we’ve received.”

The first edition of JPG Magazine showcases 31 photographers interpretations of the word ‘Origin,’ and each subsequent edition will also focus on a theme. One image in the first issue captures a newborn’s startled expression as he takes his first breath; another captures the crispness of the sky seconds before sunset. There is also an interview with Emilie Valentine, possibly the first photoblogger, as well as a special spread by featured photographer Noah Grey. Plans call for JPG Magazine to be printed quarterly through Lulu. The Powazeks are currently accepting submissions for the next edition under the theme ‘Lost.’

Health “blog” closes with sad end

A blog written by a BBC journalist Ivan Noble, stricken with brain cancer, has come to an end, after he became too sick to continue posting.

He movingly described his odyssey of chemotherapy and brain surgery, his marriage, the birth of a baby son last year, and a surge of hope – quickly dashed – that the brain tumour was in retreat.

In a final posting on Thursday, Noble wrote: “This is my last diary. I have written it ahead of time because I knew there would be a point when I was not well enough to continue.

“That time has now come.”

BBC Online reported on Friday that the blog was read by 100,000 people per day on average.

There had been 300,000 visitors on the day of the final posting, and many of the visitors had left messages of goodwill and support for Noble.

(source AFP/ Yahoo!)

Lesbians Find Their Place in the World of Blogs

Kelly Leszczynski, founder of Michigan’s largest online lesbian community Suburban Lesbians of Michigan, is working to fill another void in the lesbian community. In September Leszczynski established The Lesbian Lifestyle blog.

The Lesbian Lifestyles mission is a simple one. The blog was established to become a creative outlet where lesbian women of all races, from all locations, and age groups could come together to tell their stories to the world. TLL hopes to bring as many stories together as possible for others to read, relate to, and enjoy.

While surfing the net Leszczynski found that there were several talented lesbian writers in the Blogosphere. She then decided to email the individuals with the hope of bringing their talents together into a group blog. Many of the authors write in their own blogs and also take the time to feature some of their work within The Lesbian Lifestyle.

Leszczynski stated, “I thought to myself, why not bring all of these great women and their words together.” Since sending out the first email she has received several requests from women who want to become part of this modern version of Internet storytelling. LeAnn Travis, one of the blog’s authors said, “What I have noticed is that even though each one of us has had different experiences, or comes from a different background we truly are a lot more alike than I had ever realized before. Each one of us has one major thing in common: who we love, but it has shaped each of us differently. I am so proud to be apart of this blog. I hope it helps to change minds, hearts, and to educate non-lesbians about our trials and accomplishments.”

There are currently more than thirty authors who post their stories, poems, and personal views on The Lesbian Lifestyle blog. The authors focus on a wide range of topics, covering small everyday life events as well as larger issues that involve what it means to be a lesbian in today’s society. With authors from Australia, New York, Belgium and beyond the participation that makes up TLL spans continents. “The goal is to show our real lives through our words. The authors are from all over the world so the blog has become a great display of how different and how alike we all can be.” said Leszczynski.

(source email & Gaywired)