SixApart IPO speculation starts

Dave Winer has speculated that the SixApart takeover of LiveJournal is in preperation for the company to list and go public in a IPO at some stage in the future. It makes sense. The company has been the recipient of lots of VC funding and the venture capitalists are not in the blogging game because they are wanting to promote blogging…they are in it for the money, and the easiest way to make money would be to float the company. Combine this with the takeover including stock to the owners of Danga Interactive, Inc, which isn’t of much value when the company is privately held and its stocks are not publicly traded, therefore making them difficult to offload or profit from, and BHAM!!! An IPO is on its way….then they’ll be taken over :-)

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  1. says

    Dave sez: “In all the speculation about the deal betw Six Apart and LiveJournal I haven’t seen what surely is the motivator.”

    So wait… You’re reporting on what another blogger (Dave Winer, formerly of Userland with all that implies) speculated because he personally couldn’t find a reason for the deal despite it being quite nicely and comprehensively laid out by Mena, Brad, Anil and an FAQ?

    Come on. You guys can do better than that…


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    Six Apart acquires Live Journal in their next step to world domination. Dave speculates on an IPO in the future. Well duh. Their VCs didn’t invest all that money without an exit strategy and the exit strategy that provides the 100 bagger they are look…

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