It’s Official: Google moves to block Comment Spam

A post to the Google Weblog has confirmed earlier rumours that it has adopted the rel=”nofollow” tag that will see the effectiveness of comment spam diminish as it is adopted by major blogging tools. When Google sees the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on links, in this case from the comment section of blogs, those links won’t get any credit when they rank websites in their search results, and the spammers will have lost their main incentive to spam blogs. On board include SixApart, SixApart LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Buzznet, Scripting News and Blosxom.

News of the updates that include the new tag will follow….

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  1. Google Moves to Block Comment Spam
    That’s great news for all us bloggers. I have heard a lot of bloggers recently complain about having to deal with comment spam. I have had to deal with it myself quite a bit.

    As a certificed search engine marketing specialists, I know what the …

  2. NOFOLLOW sucks!
    STOP! Everyone needs to take a few breaths and step back and consider for a moment what this really means. Noble idea? Yes. Does it address the problem? Somewhat. But, I hereby declare that killing an elephant with a fission bomb is overkill. Consider …

  3. La fausse bonne nouvelle du “no follow”
    J’en ai parlé ce matin, j’ai eu le temps de lire les différents billets de Nanoblog, Blog Herald ici, ici et encore ici, The Peking Duck, etc…) pour me rendre compte que, au fond, tout le monde se félicitait de l’initiative. Ah! Enfin une bonne no…