ACLU assists High School Drum Major disciplined over blog post

The American Civil Liberties Union has become involved in the case of a Hartftord, Connecticut High School Drum Major who faced disciplinary action over a post on his SixApart LiveJournal blog.

Daniel Gostin was stripped of his drum major position, given an in-school suspension and barred by school officials from participating in music-related extracurricular activities and performances for the remainder of the year.

Fox 61 reports that Lori Rifkin, an ACLU staff attorney representing Gostin, contends the actions violated Gostin’s free-speech rights. In a letter Wednesday, she asked schools Superintendent Doris Kurtz to reinstate Gostin as drum major, expunge his disciplinary record and allow him to resume participating in musical activities. The letter also stated that the post contained no threats nor did it contain any other statements which would interfere with the ability of school administrators to maintain order and discipline at the school.

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