Blogger Relations Practice Launched by Issue Dynamics

Issue Dynamics, Inc., known best in the blogosphere for its blogad campaign for the United Church of Christ, has launched a formal Blogger Relations Practice and a companion website. The establishment of the new Blogger Relations Practice is attributed to a shift in client needs and increased attention to blogs by business and the media.

“Our standard Internet and public affairs practices have been incorporating blog strategies into our client work plans for years now, and the blog slice of the pie has been getting bigger and bigger,” says Ken Deutsch, IDI’s Executive Vice President. “Looking at the needs of our clients and the attention blogs are finally getting in the business community now seemed the right time to launch a dedicated Blogger Relations practice.”

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  1. Blogger Relations

    I’m with Dave Winer on this concept…UGH!

    Just remember: My thoughts and opinions can be bought for the low price of a 17″ Powerbook. ;-)

    Roland thinks this will fade away…

    Dan Gillmor points out that this IDI has been a paid shill for ma…