Wanted: Gadget/ tech geek blogger

Duncan Riley> Wanted, a Gadget/ tech geek blogger for a new gadget oriented blog as part of a new blogging network. At this stage the revenue split will be an initial 60/40 author/ network gross, ie, the 40% for the network will be inclusive of hosting, advertising and other costs, so the blogger chosen gets 60% of all gross revenue not net. Depending on the quality of applications there may be more than one blogger appointed to share the 60%, but this will depend on quality of applications and interviews. Ideally though, one applicant will be appointed. Applicants should be available for contact on Skype. This is a new network so there will be some initial exposure time. The blogger chosen should be available for media interviews, including paper, radio and television. Contact me on [email protected] with your resume and why you would be interested. New bloggers, or non-high profile bloggers are encouraged to apply.

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  1. site admin says

    No geographic limitations ,although the
    applicaent will need to be able to blog in English

  2. says