Book hits bestseller lists due to blogs

A new book has made the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and bestseller lists without advertising, national bookstore distribution, a major publishing house, radio interviews, television interviews, or print interviews but through the power of blogs.

‘€œCall To Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results’€?, released May 9, 2005 by Wizard Academy Press may be the first book to become a national bestseller without nationwide bookstore distribution.

Co-author Jeffrey Eisenberg explains, “We created a buzz by pricing it lower than any 326 page hardcover has been priced in over 30 years. Then we asked all our online colleagues to mention us in their newsletters and blogs by offering a pre-release 3 for 1 special so that people would gift the book”.

Sales skyrocketed dramatically when Seth Godin wrote in his blog: “‘€¦ don’t wait even one minute before checking out: Call to Action: How to Improve Your Conversion Rate’€¦ Despite the godawful cover, this book is an astonishing bargain. The book is straight forward and gives you direct, clear insight into what’s wrong with your site and what to do about it. No fancy metaphors or engaging banter. Just the nuts and bolts and the facts to back them up. I can’t conceive of a website that won’t benefit from the ideas inside. Still reading this blog? Stop! Go check out this book.”

An interesting exercise in harnessing the power of blogs.

(in part via media release)

Has Daypop died?

Old time blog news search engine and blog tracker Daypop is off line, and has been for serveral days, possibly indicating retirement, death or similar.

The service, which started in 2001, was one of first blog tracking services of its type, but has been overshowed in more recent times by big corporate sites such as PubSub, Blogpulse and others.

Arieanna turns ProBlogger

Canadian blogger Arieanna Foley of blog Blogaholics is turning pro.

In a bold move Foley has quit her day job to pursue the role of “professional blogger and consultant”

She will officially be trading under the banner of Blogaholics Consulting with the main site for the company being Blogging Help. Services to be offered include blog writing on pretty much any topic, blog setup, SEO with blogs, training sessions (blog intro, blogging basics, listening to the blogosphere), public speaking, event blogging and media purchases for blogs.

WeblogsInc’s TV Squad lands interview with Apprentice winner

Jason Calacanis’ WeblogsInc has kept coming out with the big scoops this year, this time with TV blog TV Squad landing an interview with winner of television show “The Apprentice” Kendra Todd.

Calacanis makes reference to the interview on his blog, pointing out ” of course if you believe the MSM blogs are just riffing off of MSM”, translated meaning that “MSM Blogs” ie WeblogsInc blogs are not just reporting on the MSM, they are actually breaking and creating news and content themselves.

French media companies launch RSS reader

15 leading French media companies have united to launch a co-branded RSS reader.

The reader has been named the rather Anglo-sounding AlertInfo, and is being promoted under the umbrella organisation of GESTE, the Online Publishers Organisation in France.

Not a lot of new code though, with the reader being based on the Open source Feedreeder.

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Skinny blogs attract fat AP wire story

Anorexia blogs and websites are the subject of a long AP wire story here which looks at this serious health issue inflincting some 8-11 million Americans.

Apparently “Ana” blogs are being used by anorexia sufferers as a means to share stories and encourage each other in their quest to become more skinny.

Bloglines to take on My Yahoo, email next?

Bloglines is aiming to challenge My Yahoo! “as the homepage of the 21st century” according to comments from Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties at Ask Jeeves.

He also states that Bloglines is being aimed to become a “Universal Inbox”, which could also mean the integration some sort of email reading capabilities shortly.

New service buggy

Bubbler, a new service that creates blogs and general web pages has copped some flack from the MSM, with the Mercury News describing the service as ” so buggy and incomplete that I’m tempted to throw the baby out with the bubble water”

The new services, which the company behind the service, Five Across describes as “the world’s fastest blogging engine” is offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a basic free service through to a $100/ month package.