Blogdigger Announces Beta Release of Blogdigger Local

Filed as General on May 18, 2005 7:58 pm

by Duncan

Blog and RSS search engine Blogdigger has announced the beta release of Blogdigger Local, an online service for discovering, retrieving, and aggregating local content. Blogdigger Local categorizes blogs and news feeds by geographic location, allowing users to find, view, and subscribe to blog and news content published in and around their location of choice.

“It is well known that Weblogs have created a global conversation, on a global scale,” said Greg Gershman, President of Blogdigger. “But conversations are happening at a local level as well, and Blogdigger Local does the job of identifying those conversations and in order to bring people together on a community level. Whether it’s citizens journalism, grass-roots media, or just personal opinion, Blogdigger Local connects participants in new and useful ways.”

Blogdigger has also partnered with Whizspark Corporation, an online event marketing service, to provide location-based advertisements for events in location-targeted search results.

The initial launch supports locations in the United States, with over 50,000 unique cities/states and zip codes available. An advanced search form is available for latitude/longitude coordinates world-wide. Additional locations, features and advertisers will be added during the beta period.

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    Since the dimise of it has left a hole in my local blog reading, something I enjoyed. It’s a pity blogdigger has no idea where Australia is! Anyone know of any other local blog directory services?

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