Blog count: call for contributions

It’s another new month which means time to start compiling a new blog count. The figures are getting better and July looks like it will be the best blog count yet, but before I go live with the latest stats next week if anyone would like to contribute any stats they are aware of please drop me an email at [email protected] or leave a comment. In particular I’m looking for blog numbers in
Asia/ Sub-Continent: China (if there are new figures), Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan
Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabi, Iraq
Africa: any
South America: any
North America: Mexico
+ any others you might like to add. Ive got Europe roughly covered but its impossible to isolate the Anglosphere for example, so UK or Australia/ NZ numbers would be appreciated if they can be justified

It’s time for Google to act on Blogger

Duncan Riley> One of the great things about blogs is that they’re easy to use, free to use in many cases and rank well in search engines. One of the worst things about blogs is that they’re easy to use, free to use in many cases and rank well in search engines.

An interesting statement maybe, but what makes the blogosphere great is going to bring its greatest danger of serious down turn in the coming 2 years, because for every new blogger that joins the blogosphere this very minute, in all likelihood there is some cretin sitting in a dark room stealing content and/ or creating a spam blog at exactly the same time. We know the technology is there, I’ve written about it here before at The Blog Herald. Recent reports indicate that at times up to 90% of the pings to services such as and Technorati are from spam blogs. Others tell stories of not actually being able to find a legitimate blog by using the blog surfing feature at the top of blogger blogs. Sure, the problem isn’t unique to one particular weblog host or piece of blogware, but amongst the crowd of blog fraudsters and thieves one service stands out as the choice of the spamming scum, and that’s Google’s Blogger.
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WordPress security update available

The WordPress development team has annonuced the availability of WordPress, the latest update to the Strayhorn series that tackles an undisclosed security problem with the xmlrpc.php file.

No word on the problem as yet however the post encourages WP users to update as soon as possible. Download available here.

God under attack by former Communists: religous implications?

Blog god Dave Winer is under attack from people unknown who reside in the former atheist Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (aka Russia).

Our father who art in Userland writes that the Ruskies are costing the church of Dave Winer the later day saint thousands in bandwidth costs and that he might need to call the police.

My thoughts: perhaps its an attempt by the cult of Mena who as well as calling for a separation of the United States into 2 nations and contends that Winer is a false prophet, to crucify our lord and drive him from the internet? :-)

Denton subject to content theft disguised as “Public Art”

An anonymous blogger has launched an “Ad-free” version of Nick Denton’s gossip blog Gawker on Google’s blogger service, supposedly as “a piece of performance art meets media.”

According to Adrants
, the blogger behind the project stated that “we wanted to see if we can draw viewership away from popular online blogs and news sites by removing the advertising. Would people actually enjoy the site more without the pop up advertising, drag overs, and other obtrusive types of online banner advertising?”

The New York Post’s Gossip section has also been targeted.

More cash for comment? this time its $300 per month via Craiglist

Another cash for comment scam has emerged on Craiglist, this time offering exactly 73 bloggers $300 USD each per month to “help create buzz around new products and services.”

Bloggers are expected to write “whatever they like, as long as [they] mention the product or service” with payment of $5 per posting with 2 posting subjects per day…ie sneak in a few links to the product without letting slip you’re being paid to do so.

If people are interested in the service can I recommend prostitution instead, because at least with prostitution it pays better and is done behind closed doors, selling your sole for comment on your blog without disclosing it puts you on a scale below 2-bit hooker in my books. I’m mean, seriously, $300 bucks a month for your credibility? it’s hardly a good deal now is it!

(in part via Radio Free Blogistan)

Video blogging making an impression

The next wave of blogging development may be here in the shape of videoblog newscasts, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle which profiles up and coming videoblog Rocketboom.

For a commercial perspective though what differentiates Rocketboom from many other video blogging experiments is that Rocketboom includes paid staff in what I presume is a similar model to WeblogsInc., and does advertising at the end of each vlogcast. The show, which is produced in New York gets about 25,000 downloads a day and has recently hired correspondents in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Boston.

CNET VP to head sales at FM Publishing

Former VP of Sales and Marketing for CNET’s B2B sites, Chas Edwards, is set to join John Batelle’s new blog advertising network, FM Publishing, as Vice President: sales and market development.

He writes on his new job:

“Two big challenges remain, though. First, most of these bloggers haven’t figured out how to quit their day-jobs and pay rent at the same time. Second, marketers who are willing to kick in rent money for the opportunity to participate in this high-energy connection between blog publishers and their audiences don’t have a scalable mechanism for doing so.”

Unfortunately Edwards also states there are only 10 million bloggers in the world. Not even close Chas, hope John can count better.

(in part via Adrants)

Calacanis to launch Spanish and Japanese versions of Engadget

The plot by Weblogs Inc’s Jason Calacanis to rule the blogging world has thickened with discovery, still not announced by Calacanis officially on his blog at the time of writing, that WeblogsInc., is about to launch Spanish and Japanese language versions of leading gadget weblog Engadget.

The Spanish version can be found here, and appears incomplete at this stage, as does the Japanesee version which can be viewed here.

(thanks to Julio from WeblogsSL for the tip)