More cash for comment? this time its $300 per month via Craiglist

Another cash for comment scam has emerged on Craiglist, this time offering exactly 73 bloggers $300 USD each per month to “help create buzz around new products and services.”

Bloggers are expected to write “whatever they like, as long as [they] mention the product or service” with payment of $5 per posting with 2 posting subjects per day…ie sneak in a few links to the product without letting slip you’re being paid to do so.

If people are interested in the service can I recommend prostitution instead, because at least with prostitution it pays better and is done behind closed doors, selling your sole for comment on your blog without disclosing it puts you on a scale below 2-bit hooker in my books. I’m mean, seriously, $300 bucks a month for your credibility? it’s hardly a good deal now is it!

(in part via Radio Free Blogistan)

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