Calacanis questions Technorati redesign

Weblogs Inc., founder Jason Calacanis has slammed the new design layout of blog search site Technorati.

In a post to his personal Calacanis writes that he hates the new design, that its cluttered and that it suffers from absurdly narrow column for the search results.

I think he’s write. First thoughts on the design: a hello kitty cartoon, way to much bubbles with the rounded edges and way big text, I’d hate to think how big it would be a 800×600. From what I can gather the move is about opening up Technorati to a larger audience, which basically means consumer bloggers, but I’m not sure a Japanese style cartoon theme is the way to go. Having said all of this its not going to make me stop using the service, although I think taking things down market could threaten Technorati’s whole credibility in the longer term.

Share your thoughts: do you like the new look Technorati?

Blogging Pro blog for sale

John Hesch has put on the market citing external demands meaning that he is unable to give the site his full attention.

The site is being sold by auction with bidding starting at $2000 USD and potential buyers are to be screened based on what they propose to do with the site.

More details on site here.

(via Turboblogger)

Serious A List business.. God asks: what’s Scobles middle initial

In another sign of the serious development being undertaken amongst the privileged few in the A list of the Blogosphere, blog god Dave Winer, spiritual icon of the Church of Dave Winer the later day Saint has today delivered a question that is of profound importance to us all: what is Robert Scoble’s middle inital. Apparently there is strong indication that it may be the symbol of the serpent, an “S” but other converts are convinced it may be one of a number of other profoundly important letters.

Mena says “trust me” at Supernova over Typekey

SixApart founder Mena Trott has addressed the SuperNova conference with a plea for trust over SixApart’s data mining comment processor TypeKey.

According to ZDNet India, she who must be paid for corporate use told the assembled crowd that “We’re just discovering how trust networks works.”

10 points are awarded immediately for honesty and profound revelations of truth.

Probloggers prefer WordPress: unscientific analysis of comment thread

Pro bloggers prefer WordPress over Movable Type, was the finding of The Blog Herald’s unscientific analysis of readers this morning (as at comment 51).

The study follows a post on the perennial topic of WordPress v Movable Type where readers were invited to have their say.

Interestingly the comments from the smaller number of Movable Type readers indicated that a number of them were aware of the improved benefits of WordPress but they were secure with their current choice and were concerned that a change to WordPress may have negative effects on their blogs in terms of traffic and their current positions in the search engines due to the different URL’s for posts such a change brings.

Reasons given by WordPress users for making the switch include arrogance (sorry MT 3’s licensing debacle), easy of use, cost, strong community support group (1 user said that MT support had virtually dried) quickness, templates and spam abilities.

A number of other readers also sited alternative pieces of blogware, but the prize for the most confused (or brave) blogger went to Shai Coggins, who professed to

“using for my podcast, Expression Engine for my personal blog, Movable Type for my private blog, WordPress for a writing blog, pMachine Pro for a creativity blog and my video blog, and Nucleus for And, I’€™ve got several blogging accounts on various services such as Xanga, ModBlog, LiveJournal, Multiply, MSN, Yahoo 360, etc. And, I’€™ve used and worked with Drupal, Mambo, etc.”

“Blog Day” proposed

Nir Ofir, Editor in Chief of and founder of Isreal’s first commercial blog service has proposed a “Blog Day” which will be dedicated to spreading the blogging gospel and getting to know other bloggers from other countries or areas of interests.

The proposed date is August 31, based on the notion that the numbers 3108 look a little bit like the word blog (as per the logo to the right)

Ofir writes that the day would also be a way of spreading traffic to unknown bloggers who may otherwise remain unexposed to a large audience.

More details here.


PubSub Addresses RSS Content Aggregation at Gnomedex 5.0

Blog tracking service PubSub has announced that is to hosting a session on the FeedMesh initiative at Gnomedex 5.0. FeedMesh is a initiative that promotes a common source for shared and validated RSS feeds across the Internet.

“It’s extremely challenging for one aggregator alone to keep up with indexing and searching syndicated blogs and Web sites,” said Bob Wyman, co-founder and CTO, PubSub Concepts. “Rather than competing on how many blogs they monitor, aggregators are now differentiating themselves with the quality of services they provide. Yahoo!’s purchase of and entry into the FeedMesh clearly demonstrates the advantage of cooperating to ensure that the task of discovering and updating blogs is shared among all parties.”

SixApart adds Kanoodle advertising options to TypePad

Six Apart has announced that TypePad Pro users can now add Kanoodle’s content-targeted sponsored links to their blogs from within TypePad and then be able to view earnings reports from within the control panel of the paid and hosted blogging solution as well. The company stated that additional features, including the addition of a “TipJar” and sophisticated earnings reports, will be available later in the year.

In an interesting, and perhaps innovative mood, TypePad Pro users will be able to use the advertising on their sites as a begging tool to cover their fees: Money earned from the sponsored links in the first 90 days will automatically be applied toward TypePad subscription fees. After 90 days, any extra money will made be available for the blogger to spend via PayPal or to pay for future subscription fees.

“Today’s announcement is our first step to building a platform for our pro-level webloggers to defray the costs of maintaining their weblog,” said Barak Berkowitz, Six Apart’s chief executive officer. “Upcoming features like TipJar and our sophisticated earning and ranking reports will greatly complement TypePad Text Ads as well as give our subscribers even more ways to pay for their accounts.” and IceRocket team up for Blog Search

Growing support network and search engine have to teamed up to in a traffic swapping exercise that will see visitors being directed to for reference content, and sending blog search traffic to IceRocket.

“IceRocket takes a novel approach to search, providing options for a host of different types of searches,” said Jeff Cutler, Chief Revenue Officer of GuruNet. “Blogging in particular is only gaining momentum as a mainstream medium, and we’€™re pleased to be partnering with a company that has successfully built tools to efficiently locate relevant content in the blogosphere. We look forward to serving both of our user bases, sharing the best of each property when appropriate.”

Blake Rhodes, CEO of IceRocket, added: “We wanted to add a premier content element to our service, and clearly leads the industry in reference content. It’€™s a win-win situation and we look forward to exchanging specific types of traffic with them; each party will do what it does best and the user benefits.”