IceRocket dumps BlogScour name

After rumours that the Mark Cuban funded search engine come blog search engine IceRocket was to change its name to BlogScour, and then denials that this was the case and that IceRocket were going to to launch a seperate blog search facility under the name, the whole concept has been dumped.

A report from Search Engine Watch Journal quotes IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes saying that “BlogScour is something that was widely misreported. We bought the name and are possibly thinking about a blogs only spinoff’€¦we [have since decided to] change IceRocket’€™s default search to blogs. Demand for our blog search forced us to make this change.’€?

So unfortunately no more toilet humour from the Blog Herald.

Problems with TypePad

Reports are emerging that there may be some server problems with SixApart’s paid blogging service TypePad.

The well regarded TypePad user Neville Hobson writes that he’s been having serious issues with Ecto and TypePad for the last week, and also points to others with the same problems. Jeff Nolan is also reporting issues, as is Jeff Clavier and Jacob Better in his comments.

No word from SixApart that I can find on the problem. If your having any problems with TypePad at the moment, let us know in the comments.

Blogger Hacked!

Google’s Blogger network has been hacked and defaced.

Unknown hackers attacked the Blogger Developers Network Blog and left a number of odd messages, as well as changing the site layout and granting administration privileges to the sites users.

Dirson and Google Blogscoped have details and screen shots.

Google are denying that their service was hacked and are instead blaming a “subtle bug” that is exclusive to that site. The blog is currently back up and running.

Comscore ranks Blogger on top for traffic

US market research firm Comscore has ranked Google’s Blogger as the leading blog service in the United States in terms of traffic.

The research, presented at a WOMMA event July 13, analysing at the surfing habits of 2 million people found that the domain, the free hosting domain of Blogger, received approx 19 million unique visitors, although the time frame for this figure was not made clear (was it per day, week or month for example).

Following Blogger was SixApart’s Live Journal and TypePad with 9.5 million and 7 million, and just under 7 million. Interestingly despite their phenomenal growth, MSN Spaces only managed to scrape over 2 million unique visitors, slightly ahead of

The figures presented also look a repeat visitors, which saw blogging services preferred by younger users, such and Xanga and Live Journal, obtaining much higher visit by visitors figures than other services.

(via Steve Rubel)

New Google Adsense webinar

Google’s back with a new Adsense webinar scheduled for Tuesday August 2, 2005 at 5pm PST. I was fortunate enough to be on the last hookup and although they don’t always present the most profound and amazing content, they are still worth while for bloggers interested in Adsense, and most importantly its free.

The topic this time:

An hour-long seminar on AdSense implementation techniques that can boost revenue. The program will cover ways publishers can use ad formats, colors, and positioning ‘€“ as well as new AdSense features ‘€“ to improve the performance of AdSense. After the presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions during an open Q&A session.

Registration is here. The webinar is made up of audio and visual, you need to phone in for the audio, and be online and logged into their site for the visual, + if you’ve ever wanted to ask the Adsense team a question this is also a great opportunity.

(via JenSense/ Problogger)

Blogging Blogher

Ive purposely not said a lot about the BlogHer conference, firstly because no one actually bothered asking me to and secondly because I didn’t want to get into trouble for saying things I shouldn’t. However if you are looking for coverage Arienna has the good stuff. Heather Armstrong, who Ive got to say is one of the most sensible, strong minded female uber-bloggers on the planet speaks sense, and yet uber-snob Halley Suitt sort of ruins the balance a bit: I mean, can you really accept advice from someone who thinks she is so much better than everyone else, and who has a track record of promoting exclusion within the male dominated A-List, about breaking through the A-List glass ceiling? My advice: whether you female, male, black, white, gay, straight whatever: understanding Long Tail theory is much better than sucking up to the A-List.

Blogs being used to distribute bad stuff: report

A new report indicates that blogs are being targeted again as a distribution point for malicious code, trojan horses and “dangerous” spyware.

The Sydney Morning Herald refers to a report from Websense that states that “cyber criminals” are using blogs and other distribution means to trick users into allowing their computers to be hacked, without naming particular blogs or service providers.