Yahoo! opens 360 to outside blogging sites: end of blogging strategy for Yahoo?

In what could only be described as either a bold move at interactivity across multiple platforms, or acceptance from Yahoo! that 360 is a failure is a blogging platform, Yahoo! has announced that Yahoo! 360 users can now publish content to their 360 pages from other blogging or bookmarking services.

Interestingly, Yahoo! admits to SiliconBeat that part of the reason is that, basically, they entered the market to late:

Paul Brody, senior director of community products for Yahoo: “Many users have created blogs on LiveJournal or Xanga or elsewhere, and we recognize that,” Brody said. “We want people to be able to have that on 360 and share it with the connections they made on 360.”

Yahoo have also announced that Flickr will be integrated into 360. Whether this affects current Flickr users is unknown.

Google offers RSS aggregation

Google is now offering RSS aggregation that supports any site using its Google Personalized Home Page service. Still a very basic service in terms of what can be done, but it will compete directly with Yahoo! News with a similar layout and style.

More at the Google Blog.

Another one bites the dust: new blog related sacking in NY

After a relative lapse from blog related sackings, a new blogger has lost her job with 2 NY magazines over keeping a blog that included gossip from her workplace.

Nadine Haobsh, who writes as “Jolie in NYC” on the Beauty Insider blog, was apparently fired from Ladies Home Journal after her identity was exposed, although she had already given 2 weeks notice, and then had a job offer with Seventeen Magazine rescinded due to the attention her blog was getting.

Asked by MSNBC if she thinks what she did was wrong:

“The thing that I think was wrong was that I didn’t come clean with my bosses from the beginning. I think that if I had told them I was writing the blog, I could have prevented all of this. But, unfortunately, I think it’s really dangerous. There aren’t really defined rules for blogs and so the course of action is to not write about the industry you work in because it probably will get back to your bosses and things can be misinterpreted or taken out of context, which is what happened to me.”

Blogs threaten free speech: Missouri Newspaper

In one of the most bizarre attacks on blogs and blogging from the mainstream media this year, the Missouri Valley Times Newspaper has suggested that blogs pose a threat to free speech in the United States.

The editorial in the paper states:

“Many mainstreamers slip up and find themselves doing the kind of “journalism” bloggers practice with such ease. It gets them in real trouble (witness the fall of Rather, one of the finest journalists of the past 30 years) and is a real danger to the continued protection afforded by the First Amendment, our real freedom of the press. And, freedom of the press, remember, is actually freedom for all of us to speak and write unshackled by government interference.”

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Wright seeking Bloggers for “unannounced project”

For those looking for blog jobs, Jeremy Wright of fame is looking for bloggers for blogs in the following categories as part of a “as-yet unannounced project”:

Gaming (preferably a girl, to be honest), Aviation (hobbyist, including the VATSim stuff, Flight Simulator, gliding, etc), as well as a ‘€œwell rounded blogger’€? who can do some sports, some humour, some techy gadgety stuff, some movies, etc.

If you’ve ever wanted to write for a man who really knows blogs and blogging, I can’t go past recommending Jeremy in this regards. More details here.

Do I do interviews

A simple question from email: do I do interviews?
Answer: yes, happy to do Blogs, Podcasts, Newspapers or Radio. Television can be a problem though given my location, but I’d be happily flown to the United States at the media outlets expense to partake in a TV interview :-)

Note: remember the time difference though, Im +8 GMT

Understanding links, their value and structure

For many blogging has become about links, links in, link out, links from famous sites or links from other sites. Whilst we all know that blogging is more than links, links still play a vital role in building traffic and gaining exposure for your blog, because without links, chances are that your readership will never be more than a small number of people. Understanding how links work in relation to the blogosphere is important in understanding both where your blog sits, and in creating a vision for where you want it to go.
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The Best of Weblog Empire week ending 24 July

The Blog Herald is part of the Weblog Empire network, a growing network of blogs providing quality content across a range of subjects. Some of the best posts this week include:

Donklephant, our new centrist political blog: Montag asks when did Marijuna labs become political in What Does ‘€œLiberal’€? Mean in this Context?, Justin covers Jon Stewart and linguist George Lakoff, Callimachus takes a look at the growing comments on pro-Iraq war political blogs where bloggers are being challenged: ‘€œYou support the war, so why don’€™t you go over there and fight it, or else shut up?’€? in Chickenhawk Meme and stirs up a hornets nest, and gets an incoming link from Instapundit as reward in the challenging series of posts starting with My Left Behind.

The Gadget Blog takes a look at the Gigabyte G-X5 slider and gSmart mobile phones, Windows Vista, and the Panasonic Viera TH-42PV500A Plasma TV

PVRSpot gives Media Portal 0.1.3 the thumbs up and warns that Pop-up ads are coming to TiVo

The Search Engine Herald reports on Google’s announcement that it is going to Open Research and Development Center in China, Google’s record search numbers and Yahoo’s loss of staff.

And last but not least, the best from The Blog Herald: latest blog count hits 70 million blogs, we predict that Blogpulse is poised to become Technorati slayer with new service, Italian Blog network Blogo lands Ducati as a sponsor and report on a new service that promises to transmit blogs into space