Bloglogic launches new blog: Drywallsecrets

Paul Short of the Bloglogic network has announced a new blog on the growing blog network:

Honestly I had to read about what this one was about because ask me what “dry wall” was about my first response would be probably about combating rising damp. Paul writes its about sheetrock, gyproc and taping (plastering). Translation: its got something to do about building :-)

Blogspot bloggers revolting over flag option

Blogspot bloggers are starting to get angry about Google’s new “flag” option that allows blogs to be censored where people may disagree with their content, all under the guise of preventing blog spam.

Otoh has all the details but the fun parts from the post:

Flygirl is “appalled” and Lewis is “not so happy” but goes on to call the Flag button “useless,” “idiotic,” and “nothing but a target for abuse.” Shar refers to it as “censorship” as does Martin (and many others). Grafs says she has “already started shopping for a web-hosting service.”

Editors note: Lots of blogospheres Scoble? see, even bloggers who’ve probably never heard of me and you share the same concerns on important issues affecting “The Blogosphere” (singular). We are one blogosphere, as we are one mankind. Sure, there’s lots of variations to the theme, and sub-groups there in, but we are still one. désirent ardemment l’un blogosphere de phase.

Deutsche Welle Best Of the Blogs returns

German multi-lingual broadcaster Deutsche Welle is back for the second year with the BOB’s: The Best Of the Blogs competition.

Bloggers worldwide are being asked to nominate their favourite blogs during September and voting at a later date. Details are available at the BOB’s site here.

100 blogs in 100 days, Day 9: eStrategyOne Buzz

Day 9 of 100 blogs in 100 days brings us back across the Atlantic to Columbus, Ohio and our first corporate blog of 100days from Rich Ottum
Blog: eStrategyOne Buzz
About: The eStrategyOne Buzz, Online Marketing without Cream and Sugar, is a witty and entertaining two-year old blog chronicling the sometimes crazy world of blogs and buzz, RSS, email, search, micro-pundits, 800-pound gorillas and other assorted online media madness. I’€™ve worked online for almost 20 years now (yep, CompuServe in 1986.) I use The eStrategyOne Buzz to support my consulting practice–boldly abandoning a successful weekly email newsletter and nudging my subscribers online.

So drop on by and check out eStrategyOne Buzz and leave your thoughts and comments here for Rich.

60% of Blogger blogs Spam Blogs: test

A test from Google Blogscoped indicates that 60% of all blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger domain are spam blogs.

The test of 50 random blogs found 30 of them to be rubbish. A later test by the site of a further 100 blogs on indicated a spam rate of 42%.

To quote Philipp Lenssen

“Google itself shows there are around 7,500,000 pages hosted on Blogspot. If we extrapolate the number, we might estimate Google is hosting 4 million spam pages. (Of course, this number is by no means in any way precise.) Even though I expected some amount of spam, I was surprised just how much it is. From the small sample I took it looks like on average, a site hosted at Google’€™s Blogspot is more likely to contain spam than anything else.”

Has the MSM gone to the blogs over Katrina?

I posted yesterday about blogs covering Hurricane Katrina, but as I was going through some general blogging feeds today I noticed something I’ve never noticed before: the main stream media is blogging a weather event like no weather event I’ve seen before. There are literally Hurricane Katrina blogs popping up all over the place, although some are syndicated. Here’s a quick list of some, but there are probably others as well. We all know the MSM wants in on blogs, but does Katrina mark a milestone in that the MSM are now offering blogs as standard methods of reporting major events knowing that to not blog an event means that they are going to miss out on market share? Food for thought.

MSNBC, WDSU, The Times-Picayune /, NBC6, USA Today, CNN, WSBTV to name but a few.

100 blogs in 100 days: 1 week down

We are now 8 blogs into 100 blogs in 100 days and theres been some wonderful blogs featured and there is still an awfully large number to go. Keep sending your entries in. I am reading them all as I go and I’m starting to allocate blogs for the following weeks ahead as well.

Two small requests though: if your blog doesn’t work in Firefox don’t bother emailing me because I’m not using IE for anyone. If you’ve updated your blog once in the last two weeks and are wondering why people aren’t reading it then I’m not going to give you a free leg up because nothing will help you if your not blogging regularly.
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Time for a long cold shower on blogging pay rates

Duncan Riley> Yep, I’m really on a roll of upsetting people in the last few days so here I go again: its time for a long, cold shower on blogging pay rates, but I could have made the title “sticking up for Calacanis on Weblogs Inc pay rates” as well, because it would have covered what I’m going to write.

I ran the story last week on Weblogs Inc’s pay rates because I honestly thought the starting pay at Weblogs Inc would be of interest to readers, and what a reasonable pay rate for bloggers is a question that I’m often asked. What I didn’t expect was the level of criticism directed at Weblogs Inc., over the figures.

You see, if I’d been asked by Jason Calacanis to write for Weblogs Inc 12-18 months ago for a gaureenteed $500 USD starting rate per month I’d be writing for Weblogs Inc., today and I probably wouldn’t be writing the Blog Herald. Sure, if he asked me today I’d be wanting more money because I’m now making more.
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Blogging Hurricane Katrina

Bloggers are reporting both from the scene and from a far on the developing situation as Huricane Katrina approaches New Orleans.

Storm Digest is blogging the storm and has some great coverage (via Steve Rubel)

Flickr has the latest user contributed photos.

Ernie the Attorney
is stuck.

Kaye’s got
a Hurricane Blog.

Jeff Masters at Weather Underground is blogging Katrina.

Rogers Cadenhead writes
that most bloggers have fled.

If you know of a blogger covering Katrina be sure to add it to the comments.

UPDATE: if you are looking for additional information on Hurricane Katrina the following posts may be of assistance:
Has the MSM gone to the blogs over Katrina? covers the mainstream news coverage

If you are seeking loved ones, or wish to appeal for details on missing people, please post in the comments at Hurricane Katrina missing persons appeal

Coverage from Donklephant here and here.

Further update: if you are interesting in suggesting a charity worthy of reader contributions across the Weblog Empire network please let a comment on this thread: Hurricane Katrina donation suggestions

Blogs are a security risk: Army

The US Army has posted a memo to its senior leaders asking them to caution personnel not to file information that could be used against soldiers by the enemy to blogs.

According to the Inquirer, General Peter J. Schoomaker said in the memo that some soldiers were posting sensitive matters to blogs, revealing tactics, techniques, procedures and vulnerabilities that “the enemy is actively searching”.