100 blogs in 100 days, day 8: Snoblog

Week 2 of 100 blogs in 100 days and the entries keep on flooding in. I’ve moved south from Germany to Italy for day 8 with a good looking Italian language blog from Elisabetta Pendola.
Blog: Snoblog
About: Why should you visit my blog: because i am the Italian blogstar, and plus, an enlighted soul :) , actually, definitely a stylish suicide. I am dork, dandy, and dionisiac.

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Scoble responds to the Blog Herald: kill the conversation

Duncan Riley> Microsoft uber-blogger has responded to the Blog Herald on my comments here in the first time I’ve been priveleged to get into a blog fight with a high profile blogger since Andy Baio tried to exploit the Star Wars Kid.

Scoble writes at WebProNews:

“Here’s a clue: you want free speech? Get your own blog. Comments are owned by the person who’s blog they are on. They aren’t a place you’re gonna get free speech (although, my policy here is to not delete any comment). I HATE entitlement. That attitude has gotta go. You don’t have the right to take me down by posting illegal stuff or stuff that’ll get me sued or spam or really anything in my comment area. Because it’s on my blog I’m responsible for it. It has my name associated with it. So, no, you TOTALLY don’t get what free speech is if you think you should have free and unfettered speech in everyone’s comment area. Get a clue about what free speech is.”

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MSN Spaces being targeted by spammers

Microsoft’s MSN Spaces blogging service is under fire after leading internet security companies have reported that the service is being used to host malicious content used during spam and virus onslaughts.

According to Silicon.com, a relatively simple registration system means that spammers are exploiting the service by creating accounts used to deliver often illegal messages and malicious files to unsuspecting users in a similar way that Google’s Blogger has been used in the past.

Bloglogic Network gets a makeover

Paul Short’s Bloglogic network, which includes blogs such as Turboblogger and SpywareDude has hade a makeover. The new templates introduce a new take on the 3 colum CSS styling across the network that has become the favoured choice of many networks of late.

In something I can sympathize with Paul greatly on, he writes about the problems he’s been having with Internet Explorer’s inability to render CSS to any reasonable standard, something that’s give me more than my fair share of grey hair as well.

100 blogs in 100 days, day 7: Telagon Sichelputzer

Day 7 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to Germany with a blog from Mike Schnoor and Katharina Schnitzer and our first blog not in English.
Blog: Telagon Sichelputzer
About: “In the fast living media, all words are weapons of mass destruction. They become a powerful tool which can be used by everybody. The focus of the authors is centered on ideas concerning culture, politics, media and management. Therefore, the ‘€œTelagon Sichelputzer’€? shows a non-German perspective written by Germans. But instead of having a tight bond to one nation, we prefer to become international managers with our studies at the University of Flensburg. In the end, our goal is just to support the reader with an alternative to their urban reality.”

So drop on by and check out Telagon Sichelputzer and leave your comments here.

Sony Ericsson threatens to sue blogs over mobile phone leak

Sony Ericsson has issued threats to take legal action against multiple blogs over the leak of the release of the forthcoming P1000 mobile phone.

Weblog Empire, the publisher of the Blog Herald, was also subject to a legal demand that asked that reference to the phone be removed from The Gadget Blog. Strangley the email demanded a removal of the post some 12 hours prior to the email being sent, otherwise Sony Ericsson would reserve its right to sue us. The post at The Gadget Blog refered to a post at the Weblogs Inc., owned uber-gadget blog Engadget, which itself referenced a French speaking mobile phone forum. At the time of writing both Engadget and the source site both displayed details of the phone.

I’ve removedthe image in question from The Gadget Blog but will not be removing the references to the post at Engadget at this stage, as I believe that detailing a report on another site constitutes fair use reporting of third party information ,where as the image may be another matter.

Also at the time of writing 5 other sites referenced the post (according to Feedster) as well in various degrees, given which I’d presume they would have received something similar, as well as Engadget itself. More soon.

Blogger sued over comments left on Blog

The guru behind SEO Book Aaron Wall (who for the record is also advertising here with BlogAds) is being sued by Traffic-Power.com in relation to comments left on his blog by other people.

More details on Aarons blog here. Intuitive Systems also has more details. Robert Scoble, in a fit of insanity is suggesting that the solution is to moderate or turn off your comments. How bout free speech Scoble?

If successful the case has the potential to cause major upheaval in the blogosphere as comments would need to be filtered in cases where there was even the slightest chance someone might sue or find the comment offensive or disagree with it.

Mght be time to update the disclosure and editorial statement.

100 blogs in 100 days, day 6: My Money Blog

Day 6 of 100 blogs in 100 days comes from Miha Kuntu
Blog: My Money Blog
About: “My Money Blog is a blog devoted to making money online. The purpose of this blog is to gain the information that could be useful to all bloggers who would like to earn some extra money with their blogs. It’€™s also a learning experience for myself but it will work best if you join me in the learning by contributing your experiences, tips and questions at the bottom of each post.”

So drop on by and check out My Money Blog and leave your comments here.

Google Adsense rates going up?

Is any one else seeing their Adsense returns going up this week? As much as I’ve made some serious changes to Adsense placement in the last couple of weeks that has helped my CTR rates, I’ve had 3 record days in a row on Adsense and the trend for the last week taking into account average return per click is way up as well. Before anyone gets to excited though blogging related Adsense terms are still way below that of others, but I’m seeing it across all my blogs as well. Perhaps Google has changed the percentage return to users? Leave your thoughts and observations in the comments.

51% of journalists use blogs: survey

51% of journalists are using blogs regularly and 28% rely on them for their daily reporting, a survey of 1,202 US journalists from Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University.

Despite being happing to use blogs, only 1% believe blogs are credible.

According to the Editors Weblog, 70% of journalists who used blogs reported doing to for work-related tasks: they use blogs to find story ideas, researching and referencing facts, finding sources and uncovering breaking news.