Weblogs Inc., to launch Engadget Labs

Leading Weblogs Inc., blog Engadget is set to get bigger with CEO Jason Calacanis announcing that Engadget Labs will open its doors October 15.

According to Niall Kennedy, the new facility comes complete with office space, testing lab and podcasting studio.

And for those who think their web hosting costs are high, Calacanis also let slip that the webhosting cost for Engadget last month was $12,000 USD.

100 blogs in 100 days, day 37: GlitteringMuse

Day 37 of 100 blogs in 100 days takes us to a bright and shiny blog from Garnet

Blog: GlitteringMuse
About: “GlitteringMuse conveys a light, ethereal, gay (faerie) tone. I could call it a Diary of Beauty and Optimism. I dabble in poetry, where I express a love of words and their combinations. Beauty and its guises is a favorite subject, and gay or faerie spirituality is another. Some of my poems are abstract, almost mystical, in content. This is where I dwell, in a distant orbit. In prose my subjects are varied, to include classical music, balance of spirit, food and wine, gender issues, nature, travel and of course, my personal impressions of them all.”

So drop on by to GlitteringMuse and let Garnet know what you think.

MyBlogSite problems angering users, some leaving

The MyBlogSite free blogging service is coming under fire from users due to serious problems with blogs hosted on the site.

According to one user who emailed The Blog Herald, the service was disrupted due to a virus that corrupted files for users.

Symptoms included:
– The ad banner became right justified and could not be moved or deleted.
– All writing appeared in the same font no matter what it was originally posted in.
– It is impossible to do Bold or Italic type.
– If you use an apostrophe S the system posts something like this instead 8*%442
– The system doesn’t keep the TEXT or LINE BREAKS tag so that the posted text is in one solid block.

According to the email the problems have been ongoing for over 1 month and aside from standard responses, Fortune City has failed to respond to users.

A quick glance across the service finds a number of disgruntled users, including some who are leaving to other services, including blogger, and a large number of sites that have been affected.

Fastclick Reviewed

Regular readers would be aware that the ad space here at the Blog Herald has been changing sometimes daily as I’ve been tweaking ad placements and experimenting with different ad providers to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m looking at putting together a bigger guide to some of the site I’ve tried, with their fors and againsts, but there is one service that I’ve become happy with in terms of reliability, and that’s the FastClick Ad Network

A different way of earning money
Fastclick was a bit of a mystery to me at first because I’ve never worked with a provider that offers CPM rates before. For those not aware of the term, CPM means cost per thousand impressions. If you’re an Adsense user you would have seen a similar term: eCPM, which means effective CPM, basically a way of presenting what you have earnt from Adsense if it was being paid per 1000 impressions.
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First Indian blog network to be launched Oct 5

Another first for the blogosphere is set to be launched October 5 with the launch (of what I believe to be) the first blog network based in India: Instablogs.

According to an email received from Nandini Maheshwari from Instabogs, the new network will launch with “close to 50 channels” and the blogs will be staffed by full-time bloggers. No word yet as to whether the content will be targeted at the US market or the local market in India, which is potentially the next big marketplace in the blogosphere.

Leading Japanese blog firm signs deal with P2p phone company

CyberAgent, Ltd. the company behind successful Japanese blog provider Ameba has signed a deal with Californian P2P phone company PeerMe, Inc. that provides a co-branded P2p phone service: “Ameba PeerMe” across the Ameba Network.

The release from the companies indicates that Ameba currently holds the second spot amongst blogging providers but more interestingly indicates that they are targeting usage figures of 10 million in the next 12 months from amongst Ameba’s current users. That’s a lot of blogs and bloggers.

NY PR Blogger fired: discovers its bad PR to rat on your employers!

Straight from the “I cant believe how stupid some people can be” department, a New York publicist Kelly Kreth has been fired from her job after ratting on her bosses on her blog.

To make matters even more interesting, although not actually naming her company or using the name of the boss she was sharing loving thoughts about, her assistant was the person who tipped the company off. Reports aren’t clear as to whether the assistant found the blog by accident or was told about it by Kreth, but certainly if Kreth had been speaking about the blog, it certainly voids the whole idea of an anonymous blog, doesn’t it!

Moral of the story: don’t blog about your work, and if you do, make sure no one can find it and you never mention it to a sole, or for that matter post whilst your at work!

(via Steve Rubel/ Jossip)

100 blogs in 100 days, day 36: WebGoonies

Day 36 of 100 blogs in 100 days and the title caught my eye, and the content took me back a few years, from Kevin VanDerwerf

Blog: WebGoonies
About: “Life of a father to be’€¦My life while I adjust to being a father. Many helpful tips for new fathers and mothers.”

So drop on by to WebGoonies and let Kevin know what you think.

Dogging, Happy Slapping better known than blogging amongst English taxi drivers

The terms dogging (sex in public places) and happy slapping (teenagers assulting people whilst filming it) are better known than blogging amongst English taxi drivers, publicans and hairdresses, a new survey has found.

According to Reuters, the survey found that only 28% of participants had heard of blogging, compared to 56% for happy slapping.

In perhaps a slightly alarmist tone, Sarah Carter from DDB London told Reuters:

“Our research not only shows that there is no buzz about blogging and podcasting outside of our media industry bubble, but also that people have no understanding of what the words mean…It’s a real wake-up call.”