Blog network folds

Filed as General on October 4, 2005 10:32 pm

by Duncan

Recently announced blogging network Webby Media has folded prior to launching.

In a post titled “Too Much, Too Fast?” Omar Al-Hajjar states:

Here is why:

1. No barriers to entry. The publishing platform is free and easily hackable (WordPress). Google Adsense is available to anyone with an email account. Topics are a dime a dozen. And design can be outsourced. What’s left?
2. Brand is the only competitive advantage. So if you can’t compete on technology or advertising, what can you compete on? The publisher’s brand. Eventhough I’ve been publishing online for several years now, I really haven’t spent time building credibility. This point is unbelievably crucial. It’s just critical.

(via ProBlogger)

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