Student punished over homophobic comment on blog

A Duquesne University, Pennsylvania student has been ordered to write a 10-page essay on the pros and cons of homosexuality after making a derogatory comment about gay people on a blog.

Ryan Miner, 19, wrote on the blog that gay people were subhuman.

The comment was subsequently the subject of numerous complaints by other students who found it offensive in a case that is said to be dividing the campus along freedom of speech lines.

Miner made the comments as part of a hate campaign against the establishment of a Gay-Straight Alliance at the University Campus, and is now claiming that he would rather be expelled then write the essay, saying that the Catholic Duquesne University decision to allow the group on campus was not consistent with church teachings on homosexuality.

(via Pittsburg Live)

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  1. Larry C. Wilson says

    Are individuals free to make what they claim to be statements of fact without supporting evidence? In my opinion, no. What evidence then did Ryan present to back up his assertion?

  2. says

    “Are individuals free to make what they claim to be statements of fact without supporting evidence? In my opinion, no.”

    Really? And what ‘supporting evidence’ do you have for your view? And if this twit does proffer some evidence for his (admittedly idiotic) view, like say “God told me” or “it makes no biological sense” or “I read it in a book”, who decides if that evidence is legitimate enough to allow him to say what he wishes? You?

    I hear politicians and economists make claims all the time which are preposterous. Does that mean they have no right to make those claims unless some council-of-truth decides their views will be tolerated?

    If he just makes an ass of himself (and he clearly has), then the only sanction should be to be ridiculed by his more thinking peers.

  3. says

    Did he make these comments on a blog what was a class assignment? Did he make these comments on a blog hosted by the university? If the answer to both questions is no, then the university has not right to sanction him or expel him.

  4. roooooo says

    its scary that somebody can call gays sub-human, if he insulted a police officer in new york, just sayiong the officer, was smelly, the police could arrest him, but this horrible man, is allowed to bully and defame, gays, and people this horrible man thinks are gay, i think people li9ke him are a disgrace, and cause gays to kill theselves, he is scum, why do homoophobes, weho bully, and makes gays lives unhappy, always think it is their freedom of speech, i mean for instance they always try and pretend beuing a bullying homophobe is completyty ok, i mean like homophobes say insulting a police officer is wrong, but if iyou do it in a anti-gay way they think it is ok, i think homophobic bullies are evil;, they always thjink decent people are gay, and that people who do not like bullying people are gay, i think homophobes are evil, and should be burned alive,

  5. says

    rooooo says: “i think homophobes are evil, and should be burned alive”

    Nice to see such a reasoned and articulate point of view. Are you seriously saying that hurting someone’s feelings is justification for burning them alive? What if your views hurt someone else’s feelings? Can they burn you alive?