Seekport launches dedicated European blog search

European search engine Seekport ( has launched a new blog search feature, the first dedicated European blog search.

Blog search results are indicated with an icon in the Seekport interface and users can narrow their search to one of 11 categories, including computing; cars and motoring; travel and holidays; government and politics; and business and finance.

Every hour, especially active blogs are indexed at and sorted by relevance and when they were last updated. Seekport provides easy access to British, German, French, Spanish and Italian blogs.

‘€œWithout an easy way to search blogs, internet users are missing out on some of the web’€™s richest and most original content,’€? says Joachim Kreibich, managing director for Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH. ‘€œNo other search engine has a comparable, language-specific blog search to offer.’€?

Is TextDrive imploding?

JOAB seems to think so, and cites a number of people who are not happy with the service. Certainly abusing your customers who complain and calling them names doesn’t make for good customer service…indeed you usually know when a company is in deep trouble when the staff start to lash out at customers for internal problems.

Your Podcast can be hijacked

Fresh from value the Druge Report at $120 million USD, Om Malik warns of a terrible new danger to Americans as part of the war on terror: your podcast can be hijacked. Osama Bin Laden has had enough of Adam Curry and is going to hijack his show. Whether or not he will subsequently be hailed as a hero and awarded a full pardon for 9/11 is yet to be seen, but is shortening in odds.

Report: RSS Is a Target for Worms

wormsGot to love this headline from Steve Rubel Report: RSS Is a Target for Worms. Perhaps now I’m 30 maybe I’m regressing to 15 but all I could think of was that Dave Winer must have forgotten to take his worm tables again and his toilet bowl is showing the affects. But I couldn’t make jokes about RSS and worms without finishing it off in really poor taste, because there is a solution to worms: an Atom bomb :-)

TextDrive sold to Joyent

TextDrive, the hosting company that originally started out as an off-shot from the developers of the TextPattern blogware, has been sold to Joynet.

“Joyent’s innovative, network-based collaboration software combined with TextDrive’s proven expertise in building high performance hosted solutions, creates a company delivering compelling network-based applications over a 100% reliable and scalable infrastructure,” said David Young, CEO of Joyent.
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100 blogs in 100 days, day 75: Wasted Blog

Day 75 of 100 blogs in 100 days comes to us from Gonzalo

Blog: Wasted Blog
About: “It’s a funny blog, updated daily, with funny pictures and videos, weird and funny news found online. I think it’s ideal for people who blog quite a lot, to take a break from blogging with some funny stuff found on the blogosphere. We publish funny/weird/amazing content submitted by bloggers.”

So drop on by to Wasted Blog and let Gonzalo know what you think.