Malaysian blogger under fire for promoting drug use

A big blog related scandal is making news in Malaysia with reports that Poh Huai Bin, the blogger behind posted stories about how to use drugs, where to buy them, and included pictures of himself using them.

According to A blog of an unfinished dream pursuer:

“The wildest thing is that this guy actually posted all his photos, real name and all the drugs he tried and even how to go about getting it from clinics in his blog.”

The Malaysian newspaper The Star reports:

“A 24-YEAR-OLD systems engineer in Kuching has allegedly shared his drug-taking experiences in his blog, detailing the substances, and how to get an enhanced high.

The blog came to the attention of a Nanyang Siang Pau reader, who sent an e-mail to the daily to complain about the blogger, who was supposedly a computer graduate from an Australian university.”

Business 2.0 values Druge Report at $120 million, Gawker Media at $76 million: ambulance called as Blog Herald editor starts to choke after laughing so much

This would be posted in Satire-Humour if it wasn’t serious, so it makes a News Brief. Business 2.0 has valued the Drudge Report at $120 million USD and Gawker Media at $76 million USD based on some bizarre concept of value based on “eyeballs” as opposed to common business sense that considers ROI and profitability. Its so bizarre even Jason Calacanis has come out against it. Darren at Problogger has some fun and estimates that his blogs (excluding his b5media stake) are now worth $40 million USD. Based on this methodology The Blog Herald would be worth aprox. $2.2 million USD! I’ll start bidding at $1.5 million :-)

Starting a Blog Part 3: Choosing a domain name

This post is part of the Starting a Blog series.

Part 3: Choosing a domain name
For me, this is the fun part of starting a blog, for even if you are totally new to the internet you can find a name that suites your personality or what you want to achieve.

Naturally, Part 3 only applies if you are not going with a free host, because free hosts don’t allow you to have your own domain name. If you have decided to go free, skip to Part 4.

The name
There are two schools of thought in regards to the structure of your domain name: practical or colorful. Practical domain names involve at least one key word that states the topic of your blog, but ideally more, for example Cooking Gadgets is a blog about Cooking Gadgets. Blogs such as Kotaku, Gawker and Wonkette have colorful names that don’t describe what they are about.
Personally I’ve always gone with atleast a part practical domain name, because for search engine optimisation it helps in getting listed in the search engines.

Your name is your brand
I’ll hark back to my studies in marketing on this point, because your domain name is your brand, and what ever you choose you need to remember that it needs to be marketable. Practical or catchy are the two considerations. Some of the best known blogs in the blogosphere have catchy names that don’t relate to the topic, so don’t be afraid to try something different, but remember to check Google (unlike Pajama’s/ Open Source Media) to make sure no one else is already using the name.

One of the most popular tools for searching for a domain name is The service is limited without registration but I do recommend it when you are experimenting with various names for your blog, and also to see who is using other names as well

I’ve used a lot of domain name registrars over the years but at the moment I’m using Namecheap. Nice interface and free privacy protection (at the moment should you wish to use it). GoDaddy is also popular. Alternatively you may wish to use the domain registration service of your web host. A word of warning, anything over $10 USD is a rip off. A lot of so-called registration services out there are really just affiliate fronts for, so I’d seriously recommend namecheap or godaddy, because at least you know you are dealing with a source provider.

Fine Fools Community inks deal with Google

I’m not sure what to make of this press release, don’t get me wrong, I’m actually an avid reader of FineFools, I might not always agree with the content but its refreshing to see some sacred cows of the blogoshpere get a roasting…. Media release follows…I’m thinking Scrivs is having us on, but you never know.

Finefools Media Release:
Over the past year, 25 year old David Krug has become an established blogger.

He currently is the Editor of , a site that covers blogging from a unique perspective.(editors note: rofl)

Recently, he was covered on KRON – San Francisco’€™s website for creating a list of the Top Female Bloggers in the Industry. Problem was, one of them was a man.

Now, his site receives thousands of visitors a day and he has become one of the flagship bloggers in a new network that is taking on Weblogs Inc, and Gawker Media.

Recently, he started licensing all of his original content on Google Base. A move that could bring a lot more excitement to the blogosphere.

For more information on blogging,and the Fine Fools Community, visit his site at