Chitika reporting delays with November Audits

eMiniMalls firm Chitika is reporting delays with their audited of their November payouts, with the process unlikely to be complete until Jan 15.

Writes Chitika:
“we are currently running into unexpected delays in our monthly audits for November. We are aggressively working on completing the audit process as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and we are hoping that we will be able to complete and finalize the November audits over the next two weeks.”

There is some good news, they also report that December payouts should also be ready on Jan 15 as well, which I’m gathering is possible given that they have been pre-auditing figures for the entire month. With any luck they might even move permanently to a Net 15 day payout process, which would be nice :-)

WordPress plugging a commercial product?

The official post announcing the launch of WP 2.0 has been posted by Matt Mullenweg at the WordPress Blog, but there is something that should be noted, and before I say what I’m about to say I really, really do hope Matt and the team go really well with Automattic and I can think of no better people more deserving that to make some money from the blogosphere, but here we go:

Is it right that an essentially commercial service: the Askimet anti-spam plugin, is bundled with WordPress.

Sure, its got a GPL license and is free for personal use, but for anyone else its a paid service in which Automattic profits, and Automattic is committed to assisting in the development and management of WordPress itself, but it’s still going to make a profit right? If WordPress is so famed for the fact it is a free blogging tool, is this not a change from the past? it it a good change? Sure, its not as harsh as the MT 3.0 changes were, but its still a move in a commercial direction that SixApart came under fire for, and if I’m to be fair it’s only fair that we now ask the same thing about WordPress.

Share your thoughts.

Dell, Netgear recieve negative consumer flack

Dell’s back in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, with Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny taking aim at Dell over his experiences with a monitor and yet again the poor customer service delivered by Dell’s Indian Call Center. Personally I’ve been there, done that with Dell and I could never recommend them to anyone because of it.

b5media’s own Jeremy Wright relates a story about Netgear and problems with their customer support. Personally I bought a Wireless Netgear Card earlier in the year, and binned it shortly thereafter, not a quality product in my book.

Both stories are already climbing the charts at Memeorandum so it will be interesting again to watch how the blogosphere reacts.

New Years Day hangover cure

The Sydney Morning Herald says there isn’t one, and thankfully I only had a few drinks last night (although enough for me to write a few rambling posts around the place…hi b5media internal blog :-) ) Personally I’d recommend Berocca Perfomance and some Panadol. Ideally before you go to bed, but also for when you get up as well.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Blog Herald HQ, where its now 8:15pm 31 Dec. I’ll be back in the new year, hopefully with some new contributors, a happy tone towards SixApart, and lots of goodies for you blog junkies out there. I’m off to watch Iron Chef, then to bed (hey, I’m 30 now, and not many ppl stay up new years eve at 30 :-) ) but I’m looking forward to posting for your enjoyment in the new year.


7 Steps Of Mega Adsense Earners

This guide to Adsense by Andrew Daum

The Google AdSense program is like finding money in the street.

Kids in High School are making thousands of dollars a month with Adsense… Housewives, Retiree’s, Mom and Pop’s who’ve never made a dime on the Internet have created full time incomes by simply placing AdSense Ads on their web site or blog.

Then you have the “Super AdSense” earners. We have all heard of them… the Elite few who are on track to make half a million dollars a year or more promoting AdSense sites.

Do not be mistaken though… these people are not building like your Mom and Pop’s do. They have systems in place that create sites for them… people who build sites for them… they have outsourced and automated many of the tedious tasks such as posting to blogs and searching for keywords.

While most people cannot emulate everything these Super AdSense earners do… many of them you can.
[Read more…]

American Foundation for the Blind needs your help with Spam

I received an email from my friends at the American Foundation for the Blind who need some help: their blog is being inundated with comment spam and they need help to come up with a solution to deal with it.

Details are available at their blog here (second post down), but there is a catch: the solution can’t include Captcha’s which prevent sight impaired users from posting comments (and something I don’t use for the very same reason). I’m not sure what they are using for their blog platform but if you’ve got a spare minute pop on over and make some recommendations in their comments, or leave your comments here, I know Carrie from the AFB is a regular reader.

Tory campaign worker resigns after blog posting

A new blog scandal in the Canadian election, this time with the campaign manager for Conservative Party member Peter Goldring being forced to step down after writing a blog post calling for Alberta’s independence.

CTV reports that Gordon Stamp, who posts under the pseudonym “Psycho,” wrote on Free Dominion: “I honestly see no benefit for Alberta to remain part of Canada. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing that Canada as a nation offers me.”

He goes on to compare Alberta to “a battered wife who has not yet realized that being divorced is better than staying married.” While he allows that the statement could be politically incorrect, he writes “that’s how I feel.”

The Technorati kick start diet

I’ve been playing with tags for the last couple of months and although they aren’t really providing any significant traffic here at The Blog Herald (well maybe 100 pages views for the month) I’ve noticed that with new blogs and blogs that aren’t going to well, Technorati tags provide some great initial traffic and seem to help you with the search engines as well. So for the new year, try

The Technorati kick start diet
Ideal for new blogs and existing blogs looking for traffic.
Step 1: get a Technorati Tags plugin
WordPress: Ultimate Tag Warrior
Movable Type: Technorati Tags Plugin
Blogger: Categories and Technorati Tags for Blogger 1.0
Other services, like TypePad have the ability to do Technorati tags built in (thanks Anil). If your blog provider or tool doesn’t have a plugin, you can also do them manually, Technorati’s tag help page is here.

Step 2: get tagging
Its as simple as this. For your tags use words or names relevant to the subject, for example with my new b5media Britney Spears blog I use “Britney Spears” a lot in the tags.

Step 3: watch your traffic grow
Now this is the fun part, because chances are you’re going to see traffic from Technorati, particularly if you are posting about something topical. I’m no SEO expert, but I’ve also seen blogs get picked up in Google as well via Technorati and it seems to help improve your search engine results as well.

That’s it, the fully patented, super duper, Technorati kick start diet, great for one of your new years resolutions :-)

Jack Layton joins the fray over Canadian blog scandal

The backlash over the a high-ranking Canadian Liberal Party official who posted derogatory remarks on a blog about Olivia Chow, a New Democratic Party candidate in Trinity-Spadina continues, with Jack Layton, NDP Leader and Chow’s husband joining the fray, telling papers over the posting:

“What does this tell us about the Liberal party? It reminds us that insults flow from arrogance. There is far too much of this in today’s Liberal party,”