100 blogs in 100 days, day 80: The Lyzrds Stomp

Day 80 of 100 blogs in 100 days is a colorful blog writen on Mambo from John Selvia

Blog: The Lyzrd’s Stomp
About: “My blog is a celebration of my uber-geek life (art geek, scratchbuilding/kitbashing model geek, educator geek, computer geek, educator geek, video game geek, photoshop geek, etc.). In addition to dynamic content on the above areas, my blog features permanent content including over 30 original photoshop tutorials, an art gallery, a forum, a binary/hexadecimal tutorial, a “how to count in binary on your fingers” tutorial, a random alien fashion show, conspiracy theory science, and more.”

So drop on by for some geek chic from The Lyzrd’s Stomp and let John know what you think.