Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Blog Herald HQ, where its now 8:15pm 31 Dec. I’ll be back in the new year, hopefully with some new contributors, a happy tone towards SixApart, and lots of goodies for you blog junkies out there. I’m off to watch Iron Chef, then to bed (hey, I’m 30 now, and not many ppl stay up new years eve at 30 :-) ) but I’m looking forward to posting for your enjoyment in the new year.


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  1. says

    Happy New Year Duncan, and what do you mean by not staying up at 30? I’m 38 and haven’t missed the midnight countdown since I was a little kid. I won’t miss one either, until they close the lid on me for the last time ;-)

    Looking forward to reading the Blog Herald in 2006 dude!