Chinese Zoo uses Blog to find love for Orangutan

Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, China, has launched a blog to find love for Leshen, the only orangutan in the zoo.

The People’s Daily reports that Leshan is the first and the only orangutan nurtured in China.

“We have had contacts with zoos in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qinhuangdao, but failed to find an appropriate mate for him. Therefore we have to send out invitation of marriage worldwide.” a spokesman for the Zoo told the paper.

100 blogs in 100 days, day 86: Denali Flavors

Day 86 of 100 blogs in 100 days is something sweet from John Nardini.

Blog: Denali Flavors
About: “Contains posts on business, ice cream, our cycling team (raised $50,000 for charity this year) and pictures from around the world of our stuffed moose in fun places. It’€™s a company site, but we don’€™t spend that much time talking about the company. Most posts are on ice cream, cycling, and pics of the moose. It’€™s meant to be a fun blog for people to visit.”

So for a look at how a company can use blogs for fun as well as CRM, drop on by to Denali Flavors and let John know what you think.

New blog search engine: SplogSpot

Need to find the latest on Hydrocodone taking, Lung Cancer and mesothilioma ridden Lesbians? then SplogSpot is for you. The latest in blog search technology also comes with a list of recently updated splogs as well. Their motto: “All Splogs, No Blogs”.

Has JOAB posted a duie and goodbye

I got word a couple of days ago that all is not well at the Fine Fools Network from a number of people, in particular that Paul Scrivens is ignoring his bloggers and focusing more on the 9rules blog ring. Now Liberal Cowboy posts that the end is near, and although I doubt anything about the end of JOAB given the many false endings in the past, given that All Over the Place has posted it, I feel it necessary to spread the rumour. Whether it is true or not is yet to be seen, but none the less if it is true its been a colourful (yes I’m spelling it the Australian way, I’m so sick and tired of droping my “u” all the time) time in the blogosphere.

Scoble suffers relevance deprivation syndrome over Alaskan Airlines emergency

If ever there was a case of relevance deprivation syndrome, and a really, really pathetic and sad one at that, its Robert Scoble, who instead of pointing out that a Jeremy Hermanns, one of the chaps behind Blogebrity, was on the Alaskan Airlines plane that had the emergency landing and blogged about it with pictures, he refers to the incident by saying….

I’€™ve been on that plane
Damn, I’€™ve been on the Alaska Airlines flight that lost pressurization.

and then can’t even use his Microsoft fattened fingures to actually type Jeremy’s name, writing of him only as a “citizen journalist ”

That’s right folks, in Scoble’s world the fact he’s been on a plane in the past that was in an emergency is far, far, far more important than the actual incident or the name of the blogger on board.

Sorry folks…this is seriously f*cked. Scolbe should be bloody ashamed of himself…but of course he won’t be, because the “conversation” of blogs that is so important to him is only important if it revolves around him. If I’m wrong, tell me, but since if the fact that Scoble was once on a plane that was in an emergency is MORE important that the blogger onboard and all the people who could have lost their lives, then something is seriously wrong….

First thoughts and tips on WordPress 2.0

I’ve had the opportunity to set up a blog in WordPress 2.0 today, and although I’m not going to provide a full guide (yet) on how to upgrade (until I get around to doing it :-) ) a blog to WordPress 2.0, there are a couple of things I want to share about the new version you need to keep in mind whether you are upgrading or setting it up for the first time.

1. What Works
Asymptomatic has your prep list, although I’d note that in my early tests blogs based on variations of Kubrick work without needing to be changed.

2. Plugins
Unfortunately WP is like MT when it comes to upgrades, a lot of your plugins aren’t going to work. Thankfully Matt Mullenweg has a full list of what does work here, and I’m noticing that a lot of my favorite plugins are being updated to work with WP 2.0 in the last couple of days. [Read more…]