Squash’s 2006 Predictions

I don’t know Phil Sim (yes he appears to be Australian…its a bloody great big country you know), and only found the page via Go Flock Yourself this morning, but I’m loving it already, and his list of 2006 predictions really hit the spot. Some of my favorites:

1. When Oprah Winfrey conducts research for her Robert Scoble episode, she mishears something about a rumour about Microsoft or Google buying Opera. Thinking she herself may have suddenly become a Web 2.0 takeover target, she quickly decides to buy Opera herself, renames it as the Oprah browser, changes the colour scheme to lilac, and it quickly become the default browser choice for every female on the planet as well as the celebrity browser of choice.

4. Web 2.x startups start to have trouble recruiting AJAX developers because they’€™re all working on next-generation online poker and interactive porn sites. The Web 2.x community refuse to accept either genre into their fold, most likely because they’€™re making too much money.

Trojan targeting Adsense ads

Struggling to make a living from Adsense revenues? looks like things are going to get a bit harder with Jensense reporting the emergence of the first Trojan that hijacks your Adsense ads inline with ads for other services, and with the user probably being none the wiser.

OMG! They tried to kill a Blogebrity Co-creator! Those….

You’ve probably already seen the coverage of the emergency surrounding an Alaskan Airline flight caused by a baggage handler putting a dent in the aircraft and it ripping open mid flight, what you might not know that on board was from Jeremy Hermanns, one of the co-creators of Blogebrity, and he’s blogged about the experience, and has photo’s from onboard during the emergency.

(via Steve Rubel/ Jeff Jarvis)

100 blogs in 100 days, day 85: soberInsanity

Day 85 of 100 blogs in 100 days, and 100 blogs returns after a short break over the silly season with a blog on a serious topic during a season in which abuse (particularly of alcohol) is highly prevelent.

Blog: soberInsanity
About: “im a 23 year old drug addict with nearly 10 years of use and high time under my belt. as life slowly began to disinegrate, i decided to give sobriety a try, for a 3rd time, on may 30, 2005. read my struggles with this unfamilar life.

My blog is a regular account of how I am dealing with my journey in early recovery. I began the blog at 30-someodd days clean, and now have almost 90. It helps me and it has become a part of a larger network of recovery-themed blogs. Readers should expect honesty, basically. ”

So drop on by to soberInsanity for a taste of life’s struggles.

Blog takes center stage in Canadian elections

As reported yesterday, a Canadian Liberal Party executive was forced to resign after slagging off a number of opposition candidate, however the blog has taken center stage in the Canadian election with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper being asked to comment on the scandal.

According to Canoe.ca, during a campaign stop Tuesday on Vancouver Island, Harper said he hadn’t seen the blog but his wife filled him in.

He said the remarks show the Liberal party has a lot to answer for in the Jan. 23 federal election, beginning with Justice John Gomery’s report on the misuse of advertising dollars.

“The Liberal party is coming into this election with a corruption report from a judge.

“I don’t think it helps itself by running a campaign of personal attack and slur, which is what it has been doing – comparing political opponents to animals. . . . I think this has gotten a bit out of hand.”

The Blog Herald predictions for 2006

It’s that time of the year again, where I gaze into the crystal ball and try and predict what will happen in the blogosphere in the year ahead.

1. Technorati will be bought
Now that Technorati works again, it’s a prime candidate to be purchased by a big media company, and the perfect fit would be Yahoo, fitting nicely alongside its recent purchases of “Web 2.0” companies such as Flickr.

2. SixApart won’t be bought
I’ve predicted that SixApart will be bought out for the last two years and it still hasn’t happened so if I predict it won’t be bought the opposite will probably happen. The VC’s behind SixApart though will be looking at getting some of their money back in 2006 so expect an IPO and SixApart to be listed on the Nasdaq (or a smaller board) with a market cap of around $200 million USD, maybe a bit more.

3. Nick Denton will sell Gawker Media
Despite claiming he’ll never sell out, a large magazine/ publishing house that already prints gossip and celebrity magazines will come along and offer Nick a price he cant refuse. Nick will claim that he hasn’t really sold out because the company that buys Gawker Media is really a perfect fit that’s in tune with the Gawker Media ethos, and naturally already has a huge team of lawyers to defend themselves from celebrity legal actions. Nick will hold on to Fleshbot though.
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Om discovers scraper sites

You’d think that a smart and well known blogger like Om Malik would know about scraper sites….but apparently he didn’t, and woke up on Christmas Day to find someone was stealing his content. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: PARTIAL FEEDS do the trick in 99% of the cases. Sure, you lose Scoble as a reader, but what’s more important?

Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Flock’s Chris Messina writes that he is tired of criticism targeting Flock. We say: Tough. When you hype something up as being the solution to world poverty and Global Warming and you fail to deliver, the level of the backlash is relative to the level of the hype to begin with. Indeed in Flock’s case he really is getting off lightly.

Liberal exec resigns after blog comment

A high-ranking official within the Canadian Liberal Party resigned Monday after he made disparaging comments on his blog about NDP Leader Jack Layton and his wife Olivia Chow.

Canow News reports that Mike Klander, executive vice-president of the Liberal party’s Ontario wing, stepped down after photographs of Chow, the NDP candidate for the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina, and a chow chow dog were posted on his blog dated Dec. 9 under the heading “Separated at Birth.” and comments that stated that “I think Jack Layton is an asshole . . . for no reason other than it makes me feel good to say it . . . and because he is.”