AdSense adds a 90-day time limit on AdSense referrals

I’m not using this program, and probably just as well. Jensense reports that Google have quietly added a new term to all AdSense referrals generated by a publisher, a 90-day time limit on that referral, meaning a referred publisher must earn the $100 within the first 90 days, before the referring publisher is eligible to earn that $100 for a completed AdSense referral. Let’s face it, most people signing up to Adsense for the first time aren’t going to make this (and if they were they’d 99% most likely already be using Adsense).

We’re back again…sort of

Apologies to regular readers (and the new owner who is still completing due dillegence…the stats are going to look bad :-) ), The Blog Herald seems to have spent more time down then up in the last 12-18 hours. It was down when I went to bed last night and it was down when I got up this morning. The b5media North team has been working hard and getting things working but new servers are so much fun :-) hopefully things will remain stable from now on…touch wood.

Update: working now for 10 minutes….in some ways I’ll be happy when the sale in finalised because the stress of having The Blog Herald down for any length of time is like suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms (I presume…of course never personally experienced this).

More Update: if you can actually read this we are up, however our hosts, The Planet, continue to claim that there is nothing wrong with our hosting despite two experts now telling us that we’ve got a hardware issue on the server The Blog Herald is hosted on…..grrrr……

Bloggers wanted in Zanesville

The Zanesville Times Rcorder is looking for local bloggers. I’m guessing that because its part of the Central Ohio network that Zanesville is in Central Ohio, but I’m sure if you’re in Zanesville you’ll know where you are…..g’day by the way to all the people in Zanesville :-)

Wrickr Beta launches

Steve Rubel points to the launch of Wrickr beta, which he describes as “the latest to join the plethora of RSS-powered personalized start pages” although at the time of writing the beta was down. I tried to get a better understanding of what exactly the service is, and found this….got to be the funniest mission statement I’ve ever seen:

It does, however get even better, their description of the project:

” a new way to interact with your browser using all new standards and more. We would help spread the word and inspire new formats and ways of thinking about meaningful markup. “

Still confused? We’ll it’s definitely a Web 2.0 certified solution without a problem… :-)

Suggest link bait: win $1,000

Andy Hagans over at BizNicheMedia wants your help in coming up with a link bait idea to boost the links on his network and he’s willing to pay for it: $1,000 USD in cold, hard cash to the winner. Enter here.

Personally I already know who is the best person in the blogosphere for building links, and although Technorati only shows 494 incoming sites linking 100 of them would be at b5media, and that’s Elliott Back…his spam plugin WP HashCash displays a link to his page from every page its used….and that’s a lot of pages. My suggestion to Andy, write a plugin, get your sites linked using the plugin :-)

Paramedic sacked for blog postings

A paramedic working for the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association, Pennsylvania, has been fired for making inappropriate postings to her Xanga blog.

The blogger, known only as “IVWoman”, posted photographs that included one of several men of Mexican original who had only moments before escaped a burning house, with the caption: “Mexican jumping beans” and another set of photographs of an elderly woman’s filthy bed and her partner wafting his nose at the stench. Another image depicted a man with a head wound.

The Times Herald reports that Montgomery County Sheriff John Durante said the paramedic was promptly fired from the company, but declined further comment, citing personnel and liability issues.

“We don’t know if they were real photographs,” Durante told the paper, “and there is no way of telling. But the facts are that it is inappropriate.”

The blog has since been removed from Xanga, but can still be viewed (minus the pictures) via the Google Cache here.