Google pulls Page service due to high demand: now you’ve got to wait for an invite to experience 1995.

Geocities was always free for all despite the demand, and yet Google stuffs up yet another beta launch :-) More at SEJ.

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    I could understand some kid running this out of his bedroom having to suspend new sign ups, due to demand. But this is Google for crying out loud? Maybe they’re spreading themselves too thin, too fast.

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    Their stock price is falling. They have to create something new to prop it up, even if it is something that has no to very little value. It’s just another way for them to expand AdSense, which is their bread and butter. They bought Blogger to increase AdSense’s influence. They created GMail to expand it more. The change their algorhythms to do the same thing. The Google version of Yahoo!/Geocities shows that Google can become Yahoo! and Yahoo! can become Google, but with different names. Before you know it there will be a Google Real Estate.

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    The overall idea was not really that bad, and it beats Geocities, Freewebs, Tripod and is quite user friendly too. But I would have expected better of Google especially after what happened to Google Analytics.

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    In the future, the following query in Google might return quite a few pages: |

    It returns all indexed pages created with the new Google Page Creator tool. The thing is, your sub-domain – e.g. – will always be your Gmail address. And spammers, as we know, like nothing better than to get a lot of email addresses to send their spam too. Soon, they’ll have another way to harvest those addresses.