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Blog Explosion LogoBlog traffic exchange Blog Explosion is up for sale according to the Help Me Blog:

This is definitely not a typo or an early April Fool’€™s joke. BlogExplosion will be going up for sale next week. We will be sending out a special email early next week with full details about how we plan to sell the site.

After many long discussions over the last couple of weeks we have decided that it is time to find a company that can take BlogExplosion to the next level.

When we started BlogExplosion in October 2004 we never dreamed it would ever get this large. Starting as a simple traffic exchange and blog directory, BE has evolved into one of the largest blog communities on the internet! We think that another company is best suited to take over what we started here and continue to make BE one of the best places for bloggers to visit.

Their site & its accompanying blog and other domains have some pretty impressive statistics:

Some quick facts about BlogExplosion

– BE is approaching 50,000 members

– We have served 22 million visits via surfing blogs and millions of others across the site

– BE signs up on average 100-150 new members per day

– BlogExplosion has over 1 million listings in Google

– We are ranked #4714 on Alexa and trending in the right direction

We are selling BE as an increasingly popular site and we expect BlogExplosion to continue to grow in the future.

The recent revenue points at around $4000 or so on average for the last few months. Assuming that 12-18 months revenue is a fair price to pay, we could expect this sale to be around $48,000 – $72,000. Looking like they’re selling the site themselves as well – without a middleman….

Syntagma Media also has coverage.

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Hat Tip: Chartreuse for the tip.

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