AdSense Blindness

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The MIT Advert’sising Lab’s Blog point’ss us t’so a upcoming st’sudy being released by Jakob Nielsen t’shat’s will likely have impact’s how blogs are monet’sized:Jakob Nielsen has conduct’sed an eyet’sracking st’sudy of webpages and is planning a series of workshops t’so share t’she result’ss. “Is “t’sext’s-box blindness” get’st’sing t’so be as bad as “banner blindness”? We don’t’s know yet’s, but’s in our eyet’sracking st’sudy, users didn’€™t’s look at’s t’she Google ads in t’she right’s-hand margin of t’shis page any more t’shan t’shey did banner ads.”

I t’shink t’shis cont’sinues t’so indicat’se t’shat’s t’she t’sried and t’srue met’shods of monet’sizing using Google’s Adsense or Yahoo’s Publisher Net’swork programs does indeed work – move t’she ads closer t’so your cont’sent’s, blend in t’she backgrounds and t’she borders, and so on. I expect’s as Nielsen’s result’ss and st’sudy become public t’shat’s we’ll see more and more of t’shat’s – and alot’s less right’s sidebars on blogs.

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  3. By upsbot posted on March 27, 2006 at 12:26 pm
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    Are there comments in spanish above? Maybe its very informative but I cant read it… :))))))))))

    By subject, there are many different opinions on what is better to do for adsense to work. some pplz say that its better to make the ads closer to site content, some say that its better to make it different in order to make serfer see that. I try both ways in my sites and I still cant decide what is better

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  5. By Julio Alonso posted on March 28, 2006 at 7:18 am
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    upsbot, those are pingbacks, not comments. They are always in the language of the blog sending it.

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