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Filed as News on June 16, 2006 6:52 am

Danny Westneat, in the Seattle Times writes of how the State of Washington is now considering writing about online gambling equal to aiding and abetting a felony:

What a Bellingham man did on his site was write about online gambling. He reviewed Internet casinos. He had links to them, and ran ads by them. He fancied himself a guide to an uncharted frontier, even compiling a list of “rogue casinos” that had bilked gamblers.

All that, says the state ‘€” the ads, the linking, even the discussing ‘€” violates a new state law barring online wagering or using the Internet to transmit “gambling information.”

I’m somewhat confident, though I’m not an attorney, that this law is going to be struck down based on free speech grounds. Or at least the interpretation of this aiding and abetting nonsense will…

We wrote about the new laws forbidding online gambling in Washington State back in May.

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