Tired of Blog Spammers? Track them down… Peter Forret did…

Since we installed Akismet here on Blog Herald less than a month ago, it has stopped over 4,700 comment & trackback spams from appearing here at The Blog Herald. Like b5media, we’re so happy with Akismet that once their new pricing is released, we’ll be using a commercial version at BlogMedia.

But we wonder.. who are these little bastards that are spamming us each and every day?

Peter Forret wondered too. Blogging over at forret.com, he discovered several spams with domains names originating from the .be namespace. And being a native of Belgium, he decided to do a little digging.

So, meet Mark Hostetler, who is really from Austria. He can be reached at +43-1-198.465.48.84 or ICQ: 241091072 if you’d like to ask him about his blogspam.

Congrats to Peter Forret for a hell of an investigations job.

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  1. says

    The only problems are: 1) he could be wrong about who the spammer is and 2) it’s not illegal to comment “spam”.

    If he plans on outing people, hes need to be sure of his accusations, otherwise he may end up getting spammed and being sued.