New Design: A work in progress today

As you can see, our new design by Chris Pearson is in the process of being implemented.

You’ll see a few changes over the next several hours as Chris tweaks a few things around and we settle the design down into its new home.

I’ll also take a brief moment to introduce The Roaming Gnome himself – Aaron Brazell as one of our new columnists. Aaron will be writing a regular column here at The Blog Herald. We’ll also be announcing a few more correspondents in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy the chaos.

Update: 10:18pm CST And no, not all of that whitespace is remaining. We have some other blocks to add and move around before things are finalized. And we’ll likely tweak a few things here and there in the days to come…

Aaron Brazell, the Roaming Gnome

Aaron Brazell with Son

The Blog Herald. Wow. I remember this place back in the day. Looks like there’s some fresh paint, some furniture rearranging… I like that painting on the wall, Matt. Where did you get it? Very impressionistic. Funny, the memories. I’ve always looked at this place on the outside and admired the yard and deck. Always thought that some exterior remodelling could take place, but never anticipated being able to step inside and see the changes inside.

Like I said, my name is Aaron Brazell. I call myself a roaming gnome because I can be found at a number of blogs. I’ve seen my share of controversy and sparked the ire of more than a few people (in comments).

I like to blog at more than one blog, and now for more than one network, because I believe there is a harmony that can be had when bloggers are given a chance to express themselves about the things that they have the most passion for. I approached Matt awhile ago about the chance to blog here, not knowing if I’d have that opportunity. So, I’m pleased to be here today though, and pleased to be given this opportunity.

For the conspiracy theorists among us, despite my role at b5media, this is not a subversive ploy to re-assimilate the Blog Herald into our network.

But lest I prattle on more and bore readers, I’ll check out for now and say, I love the new look, I love the opportunity to be here, and looking forward to how my contributions move The Blog Herald forward. Cheers, Matt, for having me in. Now get me a beer, before I really get pissed off. ;-)

Washington Post’s Joe Lauria comments on Jason Leopold’s Scoop

Freelance journalist Joe Laurie comments on his unwitting role in the Jason Leopold ‘Scoop’ about Karl Rove:

As we learned last week, Rove isn’t being indicted, and the supposed Truthout scoop by reporter Jason Leopold was wildly off the mark. It was but the latest installment in the tale of a troubled young reporter with a history of drug addiction whose aggressive disregard for the rules ended up embroiling me in a bizarre escapade — and raised serious questions about journalistic ethics.

We’ve commented earlier on Leopold’s BS story about Karl Rove’s supposed indictment here and elsewhere.

A happy sixth month anniversary

To handyman blogger Chartreuse, who celebrated his sixth month anniversary today.

At some point there will be an interview with Char here at BH, but I’m still waiting on him to return his interview questions to me!

Is Pubsub at its end?

Earlier this month we posted about the impending doom of Pubsub. In one of the most public posts by a CEO about the state of their company and the situation that led them there, Bob Wyman of Pubsub paints a not-too-pretty picture:

I can’t deny that things are not going well for us. Our days are numbered. A recent attempt to execute a merger has been blocked and we’ve been blocked from raising equity financing that would allow us to continue to pay salaries and pay off our $3 million in debt. Thus, our “doors” will close soon if we can’t find someone to pull us out of the current situation. Persons with fast access to cash and a desire for some of the industry’s best technology are advised to contact us rapidly…

This post may be illegal

Danny Westneat, in the Seattle Times writes of how the State of Washington is now considering writing about online gambling equal to aiding and abetting a felony:

What a Bellingham man did on his site was write about online gambling. He reviewed Internet casinos. He had links to them, and ran ads by them. He fancied himself a guide to an uncharted frontier, even compiling a list of “rogue casinos” that had bilked gamblers.

All that, says the state ‘€” the ads, the linking, even the discussing ‘€” violates a new state law barring online wagering or using the Internet to transmit “gambling information.”

I’m somewhat confident, though I’m not an attorney, that this law is going to be struck down based on free speech grounds. Or at least the interpretation of this aiding and abetting nonsense will…

We wrote about the new laws forbidding online gambling in Washington State back in May.