FeedBurner acquires BlogBeat

FeedBurner, the feed publishing service that we use here at The Blog Herald, has acquired blog analytics provider BlogBeat.

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FeedBurner, which is sitting at around 200,000 customers presently, will get to add BlogBeat’s analytics suite to their current stable of feed analysis and reporting technologies.

From reading through the press release, it appears that BlogBeat should be integrated into FeedBurner’s offerings towards the end of this year – with additional (and paid) services launching in 2007.

BlogBeat’s founder Jeff Turner will join FeedBurner as Leader Engineer, Web Analytics.

BlogBeat Logo

This is an interesting combination of two services that we use here at BlogMedia. We’ve long hosted our feeds at FeedBurner and have been a part of their advertising network for quite some time as well. BlogBeat has some pretty spiffy analytics that I can’t wait to see integrated into FeedBurner’s offerings…

Feedburner has more information available at their acquisition information site.

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  1. […] Wie im Blog Herald nachzulesen ist, übernimmt der von vielen Blog Autoren eingesetzte Feedburner den auf Statistiken spezialisierten Dienstleister Blogbeat. In our quest to provide our publishers with a comprehensive picture of how content is distributed and consumed, we liked the fact that Blogbeat uses the feed to gather additional information about the blog. We have been interested in expanding our combined site/feed view since FeedFlare got going some months ago, and Blogbeat will give us the ability to provide publishers with a more thorough statistics picture. [Burning Questions] […]