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Filed as Uncategorized on July 30, 2006 10:50 pm

Darren has a brief three month review of the Feedburner Ad Network over at Problogger. Thought i’d chime in with my thoughts.

We’re running Feedburner ads primarily on The Blog Herald and our podcast feed. We’re seeking results somewhat similar to what Darren is seeing at $79 for the month of April. Some months have been higher than others, however, depending on the ad mix that Feedburner has been able to secure for our sites.

We’re seeing far better performance from Feedburner though than what we saw with the Yahoo Publisher Network Ads that we were previously running in our feeds.

I believe that Feedburner still requires a minimum of 500 subscribers per feed in order to participate in their feed advertising programs, so if you have a larger blog – this might be a strong earner for you.


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