Sending Citizen Media to New Orleans

Chartreuse challenged the community today to send bloggers/videobloggers to New Orleans in a “citizen’s media” project to document the New Orleans experience.

BlogMedia, Inc. is in for $250 towards this effort.

We’ll be featuring the folks headed down to New Orleans on an upcoming podcast.

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  1. […] I know the content of that email gnawed at Prince all weekend, so yesterday he decided to put up $1,000 of his own money to send a couple of volunteers to New Orleans with a video camera to see if they could document some of the things revealed by that disturbing email.  In short order, several volunteers stepped up, and The Blog Herald, The Blogging Times, Know More Media, and Andy Hagans have offered additional cash.  New Orleans local Candice Quates will be making the proper introductions on the ground. […]