Technorati Redesigns


Awhile ago on another blog, someone mentioned something about Technorati having some sort of “widget” that allows you to get a quick appraisal of the value of a site. I have not found that widget (and would still like to find it so if you know where to find it, drop it in comments), so I decided to go take another perusal when “Wham!” I was greeted by a complete redesign of Technorati. Amazing.
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WordCamp Venue

The word on the street, for those of you planning on attending WordCamp 2006 (see you there), that it will be held at the Swedish American Hall (map) on Market St. Though this has yet to be officially confirmed, I’ve got it through a very reliable Automattic lead developer source that it’s almost a sure deal.

Calacanis goes deeper on his $1000 offer for contributors

As a brief follow-up to our post earlier about how the blogosphere freaks out whenever money is involved, we point to a recent post by Jason Calacanis of WIN/AOL:

While some folks have been shocked–SHOCKED!–that I offered to pay top bookmarkers, others have taken a day or two to think about the idea and realize that it is the totally logical evolution of “crowdsourcing” and Web 2.0.


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Legal Help for Bloggers?

Earlier this year, on our sister blog Blog Network Watch, I wrote about how bloggers need legal advice in ways that they likely never considered.

Blog Networks, in particular, need legal advice… or “corporate counsel” as I referred to it.

Over at Simplenomics, Mike Sigers has started a series with lawyer Bob Silber discussing legal questions that bloggers may have (or in some cases.. should have)…

There will soon be a page over at Simplenomics asking for questions that bloggers have.. so head on over and get some free legal advice!

Minnesota Democrats fear the Blog

Minnesota Capital

We live in Minnesota. Our company is based just outside of Minneapolis – having moved here from Boston a few years back in order to facillitate my wife’s career. And hell, I can work just about anywhere. So why not in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Minnesota Capital

Politics in this state are interesting. Having lived for a long time in Massachusetts where the Democrats have a virtual stranglehold on everything except the Governor’s office, Minnesota was a relief in that the government was more properly balanced between Democratic and Republican. And, there’s a pretty strong third party in the state as well. After all, Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura governor not too long ago.

One Minnesota blogger though is hoping to change all of that.

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37signals accepts Venture Capital funding


It’s taken many years longer than I expected, but 37signals has finally accepted venture capital funding. The winner was Jeff Bezos’s personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.


37signals is the popular web 2.0 company that has developed winners such as Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire, Tadalist, and Writeboard. All of which are webapps that we’re using here at BlogMedia.

Now that they have an influx of capital, I’m looking forward to seeing what major new product they’ll be releasing.

CoComment tries again with major new release

CoComment Logo

Earlier this year, CoComment kicked off with alot of fanfare and interest around the blogosphere.

CoComment Logo

And then it disappeared.

CoComment launched with great hope. A way to track and monitor your comments and interesting comment threads from around the blogosphere. Unfortuantely, it didn’t quite live up to its expectations. [Read more…]

The Truth about Blog Sales: Show me the numbers.

There’s been alot written about how to go about buying a website – here and elsewhere. Do you look at traffic? At revenue? At the potential – a fuzzy term if I ever heard of one.. and everyone has their own opinion about how to value a website.

I’ve bought and sold many websites and blogs in my time – including this very one. For me, it comes down to two simple things.

  • The site’s income
  • The potential that I see to grow that income

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