The Blogosphere freaks out again over content producers making money

I continue to believe that there are a large group of vocal individuals out there in the blogosphere that believe that any form of making money online is a near-sacrilege upon the high altar of what the web was “really supposed to be about”.

First, they flipped out over the first banner ad.

Then, they flipped out over the first text ads.

They continued to go nutty over larger ad sizes, such as the skyscraper and the medium/large rectangles.

Then came blogs. Blogs were pure and innocent. Some even had halos.

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Sometimes Blogging Hurts

For all that blogging is cutout to be – a powerful, grassroots medium where common people can exchange ideas and affect change – it can really hurt sometimes. This is probably an unusual statement for me to make as I tend to be an advocate for blunt and uncensored honesty followed by a smack on the ass and some kind of encouragement to “get back in the game and give ’em hell!” It’s easy for me to leverage aggressive words and accept brutal trackbacks attacking my positions. It’s easy for me.

However, I’m reminded today of the fact that not everyone is like me – though not by anything I necessarily wrote. Words formulated indiscriminately and without much thought affect others who may not have the same outlook. Some may say that if you blog, you’re opening yourself up and should be ready for counter-attack. They would suggest getting thick skin and while there’s credence to that thought, there’s also the issue of accessiblity.
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The Podcast Network tries eBay for Advertising

The Podcast Network, Cameron Reilly’s podcast startup based in Australia, is giving eBay a try as a method to sell ads on their podcasts.

Reilly currently has three auctions up for a 15 second audio advertisement at the beginning and end of their G’Day World podcast for a 30 day time period.

So far, they’ve received one bid for $250 on one of their advertising offers.

Others, including Rocketboom have used this method to great success in recent months. Time will tell if it pays off for The Podcast Network.

Blog Networks Are Just Spam Blogs

Not that I believe that, but some guy who thinks he knows all about it is making that claim over no the b5media blog (yes its an older and worn out topic).

Surely the benefits of a blog network must be those who own the central blog.

They build the influence and search engine ranking that they can use to promote ‘€œfree cell phones’€?, miraculous slimming products and what have you.

Hmmm. Let’s pull this load of crap apart.
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India Blocks Blogs

I can understand China blocking blogs. I can understand North Korea blocking blogs. To a certain degree, I can understand some middle eastern countries blocking some blogs. But India? Give me a break.
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We’re sending Aaron to WordCamp 2006

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes when you wish, those wishes do indeed come true. Aaron had posted half-jokingly that he was interested in going to WordCamp 2006… and so…

We’re sending Blog Herald Columnist Aaron Brazell to WordCamp 2006 for some liveblogging and all-around coverage of the event. Aaron will be dressed in one of our snazzy new Blog Herald T-Shirts.

Watch for his coverage the weekend of August 4th – 6th from San Francisco, California!