LiveBlogging: Blog Promotion and Writing a Compelling Blog

Chartreuse is in da house! W00t W00t!

What is “Compelling”? He is taking questions about what is compelling… in a movie… in a TV show… in a song. What makes things compelling? An emotional response?

Chartreuse is as compelling, pardon the pun, in person as he is on his blog. He is a natural speaker, really has a great knack for capturing the attention of people, and communicating his heart in an incredible way. It’s hard to document it.

Continuing on with the “What makes something compelling”… Personalize it. Everyone is all about vanity. How does it affect ME? How can a blog about vending affect me? Can it motivate me to read because it affects ME?

This is a great point and the more I think about it, it makes sense.

Oh, 100 point bonus to Chartreuse for using the word “esoteric” in a sentence. :)

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