Podcast 2006.7: Interview with David Peralty

Podcast 2006.7: Interview with David Peralty

Today we play our interview with David Peralty of Daily Pixel and the Bloggy Network.

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And now, on with the show. Notes after the jump….

Show Notes:

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  1. says

    Beautiful sound quality on the interview, Matt.

    Shit, this David Peralty has his fingers in many pies – and its just clicked: I think recently I’ve made a few semi-nasty comments towards a commenter David from PhoenixRealm around the blogosphere…

    …not knowing that this is the same guy who writes at one of my favorite blogs BloggingPro – where we converse fairly intelligently.

    Shit! Now I know – David: you gotta put your full name up at BloggingPro. Sorry, mate.

    I feel like a real shit. :-(

    David – also, spot on about Aussie and Canadian bloggers. It’s a great way to differeniate ourselves from amongst the pack.

    Matt – you gotta give me that link for the awesome song you’re using to end the podcast – it really sticks in my head :-) I got to download it.

  2. says


    Sorry for the double posting (which you’ve corrected), I’m working with coComments and find it a little buggy.

    BTW, what do you use to track comments?


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