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Our new series Blogrolled continues with The Imus Show Blog.

One of my favorite radio shows has always been the Don Imus show.

When I was living in Boston, this was the only morning show worth listening to. I wasn’t much for listening to a morning comedy show, I was far more interested in hearing some hard news along with some good conversation – and that’s what I always got from Don Imus.

And then came 9/11… Imus chaired outstanding coverage for most of the morning and then launched into a great year of interviews with nearly every newsmaker that was worth listening to… and it’s coverage that I’ll never forget.

With that in mind, it was of great interest that “Big Roy” left a comment asking me to check out The Imus Show Blog – a blog focused on the Don Imus Show.

And I love it… particularly since I can’t get the show up here in Minnesota.

Visit The Imus Show Blog.

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  1. says

    Hey Matt,
    I love the Imus Show blog too. I’m totally glad you discovered it. Roy’s one of those rare bloggers who is not a political blogger, yet most of his readers are not bloggers. It’s fun to see what the differences are.