Blog Herald: The Mobile Edition

We’ve made available a slimmed down version of The Blog Herald for mobile users in our new Mobile Edition.

Suitable for viewing on a PDA phone, a Blackberry, or other mobile device, the Mobile Edition offers a quick view of the last post (with comments), links to the last 10 posts, and a run down of the complete archives.

As a Sprint PCS Pocket PC phone user myself, I’ve long wanted to do this. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. says

    Good for BlogHerald :) Of course, it’s just a WordPress plugin and I’ve had it for 13 months on my own site – yet, I’ve had absolutely no luck in finding anybody to see if it really works. Matt .. does it really work on that Sprint of yours? (Nice phone btw).

  2. says

    Hey Matt … sounds like the way to go.

    How about taking a picture of TBH Mobile on your phone (up close of course) so we can see how it looks like.

    BTW, nice looking phone.