Pachelbel’s Canon on Guitar

Today’s New York Times highlights the cover of Pachelbel’s Canon by a Youtube guitarist named funtwo:

Eight months ago a mysterious image showed up on YouTube, the video-sharing site that now shows more than 100 million videos a day. A sinewy figure in a swimming-pool-blue T-shirt, his eyes obscured by a beige baseball cap, was playing electric guitar. Sun poured through the window behind him; he played in a yellow haze. The video was called simply ‘€œguitar.’€? A black-and-white title card gave the performer’€™s name as funtwo.

This video, not to put too fine a point on it, rocks…

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  1. Matt says

    If you search for “Canon” on YouTube, the writer of this rock version plays it as well. This is just a cover of it.

  2. Bob the slob says

    There’s about a million amateurs who play at this level. What the hell is wrong with the media????? This style of 80s neo-classical is over 20 years old, too!

  3. Ekka says

    He’s good, but I picked up some quite obvious mistakes towards the end of the piece.

    Given a few more years and some discipline, he’ll be great.