Navy proposing tighter blog restrictions for sailors

The United States Navy may implement a more restrictive blogging policy for sailors according to an article in the Navy Times.

While the Navy can put new policies in place – and expect sailors to follow them – even Navy officials admit that its going to be nearly impossible to monitor blogs:

‘€œLet’€™s take the issue of blogs: How many blogs are there?’€? he said. ‘€œThey number in the millions. There’€™s no way in heck we could monitor that. Can’€™t be done.’€?

Other military branches also have regulations in place governing blogging from combat areas – such as restricting the posting of operational information and the like…

How Social Networking Can Kill Your Future

Everyday, there are millions of people who apply for jobs at various locations. What those millions do not realize is that their cyber social life may cost them the dream job that they have been looking for.

(The College Online) One 2006 graduate, who preferred to remain anonymous, was turned down for a summer job based on the contents of her MySpace page.

Doing background checks is nothing new. Employers have always done some kind of digging into potential employees’€™ pasts, even if it was just a Google search. Now employers are becoming wiser and have begun using social networking and blogging sites in addition to more traditional background checks.

Cyberspace is a great place to post your thoughts, communicate your fears and even find the next girl/guy. Unfortunately in our day and age, putting your thoughts online may cost you your next career, so unless you look forward to working at McDonalds for the next twenty years, you may want to censor what you put online.

Digg’s anti-social behavior the first of more to come?

It’€™s old news now, but as you probably are well aware of Digg shut down due to infringements on their trademark. Lawyers make me do this, moans Digg’€™s Kevin Rose in the Digg blog, and he’€™s probably telling the truth since trademarks that aren’€™t enforced really isn’€™t trademarks. Logically, more Digg-related sites will receive the same cease and desist letter that hit

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Could it cost you thousands to renew your domain?

Tony Hung, over at deep jive interests, posts about how ICANN is lifting its price controls on .info, .biz, and .org domains:

Basically, it appears that with the lifting of price controls, ICANN has the potential to engage in ‘€œvariable-pricing’€? so that they might charge whatever the market will bear for a particular domain (with those top level domains).

This means they could charge thousands for domains that previously cost only $8-10 now.

And with the threat of a ‘€™slippery-slope’€™, one wonders if the same effects could possibly happen with .com or .net domains in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending $8.88 at Namecheap for years to register and renew my domains…

Today was the last day that input could be given to ICANN about this change. Now what happens?

I sure hope nothing, because it would suck to spend $1000 to renew our BlogMedia domain….

Blogrolled: Neptunus Lex

Our new series Blogrolled continues with Neptunux Lex.

“Lex” is a Navy Captain living near San Diego, California and working at one of the naval stations there. He’s a Naval Aviator who is no longer actively flying the F/A-18 but still writes about his glory days as a young aviator.

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Word To Your Mother?

If your mom is the type who thinks blogs are weird and MySpace is evil, then she may enjoy a new social networking service recently launched called

( The free [Mommy Talk] service is targeting parents with blogs, forums, chat groups, and photo and video sharing. The new site said that it is looking to allow families to create family homepages with individual, safe pages for kids.

One great thing about Mommy Talk is that not only are fewer ads compared to other social networks, but the advertisements are not flashy and annoying.

Mommy Talk looks looks like an interesting site, although unless you are a girl you may not want to sign up for the service as the site appears to register everyone as female (and yes I tried).