If a tree falls in the forest…

…does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Anybody hear the forest fall

Adam wrote in suggesting that Canada plant some trees along the new Fence that the US is planning to build.

Maybe Canada should plant the world’€™s longest line of trees right along the inside of the border to hide the nasty looking fence.

Canada has just such a guide to put your idea into action Adam, aplty named Hedges for Canadian Gardeners. Written in 1980, College kids will love tree-planting along the border rather than planting in the mountains of BC during the summer. Send your sons and daughters away to Hedge-fund Camp where they will learn why:

It is important to note that hedging is actually the practice of attempting to reduce risk, but the goal of most hedge funds is to maximize return on investment.

At Hedge-Fund Camp we firmly believe in exposing your child to the latest Departmental Electronic Publication on Hedges that the Canadian Government has to offer. Here are some relevant excerpts from the publication:
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Google Reader gets revamped (also: Bloglines does as little as possible)

Google have revamped their online RSS reader, called Google Reader, and we’€™re talking totally! On a first glance it looks a lot better than the last time I checked out the service, but I really don’€™t know since I’€™m not a Google Reader user. That might change, however ‘€“ I intend to give it a go in the upcoming weeks.

The launch post over at the official Google Reader blog spells it out for you, and gives you a video clip that tells the basics.

In other news, Bloglines are doing as little as possible. By that I mean that they’€™ve cut back on reloading the left frame which is nice, and now they check for feed updates more often. Works good enough for me, being a Bloglines user and all.

Text Link Ads launches Feedvertising

While nothing new, ads via RSS feeds aren’€™t as widely used as regular ads on your site or blog. My guess it’€™s because you don’€™t really know how to handle it, it’€™s a lot more of a bother to hack a RSS feed than just put some Adsense code in your sidebar.

Enter programs who do this for you. Feedburner has been doing it for some time now, and now Text Link Ads has launched their Feedvertising service. It seems easy enough to get started with, but if you’€™re uncertain you can check out Tubetorials’€™ video on the matter.

I predict at battle for the feed ads in the future. And when will Google go there with, er, Feedsense?

Dead or Alive – The AdSense Wars

eGonzo Weekly by Martin Neumann

This week saw a very public battle (it’s still going on, I think) over the current state of AdSense.

AdSense is Dead … AdSense is Alive.

They wrote books about it (well eBooks – here for the dead part and here for the alive part).

We’ve had thousands of passionate words written, hundreds of comments and conversations, forum posts go into melt down and bloggers abuzz with this. There’s even an mp3 commentary (mp3 file).

So what in God’s name is it: Is AdSense dead or is it Alive?

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Simplify your font selection

I’m working hard on a CSS Tips and Tricks, Part 2 article but until then I’ll complain a little bit about a design mistake I see popping up.

Please…pretty please: stop using so many different fonts in the body of your website. As a general rule you should use exactly 2 fonts. If you’re really good at what you do and think you can use a 3rd font judiciously do so at your own risk. [Read more…]

Blogosphere is bigger than John Evans thinks (also: blogs in UK political scene)

I just know John Evans will have some thoughts on this…

The Belfast Telegraph has an interesting piece on blogging (via: The Blogging Journalist) and how it is used to gain political favor from the masses.

All three main UK parties are falling over themselves to accommodate bloggers (see definition at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog) alongside the more traditional media representatives.

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Tabbed browsers generate more clicks on top of page

Chris Kenworthy over at Forumtrends has observed that users browsing his dream.in.code site are three times more likely to click his Adsense link unit at the very top of the page than others. He reckons this is because of tabbed browsers keeps the users’€™ focus on the tabs, which is a pretty safe bet according to me.

Now, this is Chris’€™ observation and although it’€™s a believable one it might not fit on the general public. It would be nice to hear if other site owners have had similar experiences…

So get your readers to use Firefox if you have ads at the top of your page. Or just wait until IE7 is out if you’€™re really lazy.

Facebook Opens The Gates To Everyone

Today Facebook has granted access to millions of users who were previously unable to register on their social network. Users no longer need to be registered under a school, company or the government in order to join, but can simply register with their own email address.

(Reuters) “We are expanding to respond to the requests of millions of people who want to be part of Facebook, but haven’t been able to until today,” Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook said it has launched additional privacy controls with the expansion.

By having more users within Facebook, the company can justify its billion dollar offer to Yahoo! who seems desperate to enter in the social network arena.

Facebook is second only to MySpace in the social networking arena, and seventh in traffic according to comScore. But with its latest move, the question some experts are asking is, can Facebook overtake MySpace?

Track your DHL package with Bloglines

I didn’€™t know this previously, but Bloglines can track your package online. UPS, FedEx and United States Postal Service has been available some time now, and now they’€™ve added DHL as well. Nifty to have it all in one place, and a good step to make tracking stuff (RSS feeds as well as packages) more accessible to surfers not so used to modern buzzword compliant technologies.

Now I’€™ll just have to order something from the States, don’€™t I?